#007: The luxury locales in SPECTRE

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James Bond lives his missions out in total luxury, The best cars, beautiful women, the finest suits, fantastic watches and exotic locations are all part of the mission dossier and Bond’s latest outing, SPECTRE, does not disappoint. Beginning at MI6 in London, this adventure takes JB to Austria, Mexico, Italy and Morocco and all offer top tier luxury experiences for part time spies and adventure seekers.

#007 The luxury locales in SPECTRE
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Bond doesn’t miss the action even when he is on home turf. The very imposing Mi6 building on the River Thames is a must see for any JB fan and to round out the experience, potential agents are should consider taking a high speed river cruise offered by Thames RIB Experience. Their boats were used in the filming of SPECTRE so adventure seekers will get to enjoy Bond locales first hand. Bond also takes care of business locally at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, Camden, Notting Hill, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.


Bond’s amazing Aston Martin DB10 tears up the streets of Rome with a high intensity car chase along the famed Tiber River and the congested alleyways circling the Piazza Navona. Eager recruits must appear at The 15th-century Ponte Sisto footbridge and visit the Museum of Roman Civilisation if they want to follow JB’s Italian adventures.

Mexico City

Bond begins his SPECTRE adventure in Mexico City with a very intense helicopter sequence. Bond struggles with the bad guy over The Zócalo, Mexico City’s massive central plaza as a Day of the Dead parade rages on below. The wide aerial shots show the beauty and historic significance of the Mexican capital  Agents who find themselves in Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival must attend at least one celebration to fully experience this unique time of the year.


Austrian Alps

Bond is an excellent skier and hits the Austrian slopes in SPECTRE. Potential agents should prepare themselves for a winter adventures at Hotel Seevilla on the shores of Lake Altaussee where the crew stayed during a freak blizzard during filming. The uniquely designed Ice Q restaurant provides a futuristic locale for the SPECTRE story.



Ian Fleming biographers have noted that Morocco was one of the author’s favorite places in the world and is a key location in SPECTRE. Filmed in Tangiers and Erfoud, Morocco is home to SPECTRE’s head bad boy and an epic fight scene occurs on the opulent Oriental Desert Express train from Oujda to Bouarfa. Recruits descending on Morocco should absorb the mystique of of this beautiful country by making the journey by train through the desert.

#007: The luxury locales in SPECTRE

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