2016’s Top Trends in Workout Clothes

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You could throw on an old t-shirt and athletic clothes the next time you head to the gym or outdoors for a run or bike ride on a beautiful weather day. While these are options, many people love to look and feel great while working out. Athleisure attire is designed for active individuals, and many of the apparel choices today will wick away sweat, minimize the risk of abrasions from fabric and have other unique benefits that traditional clothing options like a cotton t-shirt does not offer. If you want to look trendy and stylish at the gym or while working out outdoors, you can keep in mind some of the hottest trends in athletic apparel for 2016.

Neutral Tones

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While 2015 may have been a banner year for intensely bold, eye-catching colors and patterns, this trend has shifted considerably for the current year. In 2016, the new trend is for fashion apparel to have neutral tones. Top contenders are solid blacks and grays mixed with white. This includes a top to bottom neutral color scheme, including black, white or gray socks, shoes, shirt, shorts or other gear. Typically, this will not be monochromatic from head to toes, and instead, fashionably-dressed individuals may choose a combination of two or three of these colors in their outfits and shoes.

Darker Hues


Of course, nobody can wear black, white and gray every day of the week even if that is the latest trend. When you want to incorporate a splash of color into your athletic gear wardrobe, choose darker hues such as navy blue or khaki or forest green. These look great in combination with black, white and gray, so you can mix and match your apparel options with great results. Stay away from bold, neon or intensely brilliant colors. Keep in mind that patterns are generally out while solid hues and a more sophisticated color scheme is in.

Sleek, Body-Shaping Attire


Another trend that you will see in 2016 is the continuation of body-shaping attire that conforms to the curvature of the body. This trend is most notable in women’s athletic gear. For men, baggy clothes are out, and there is an increasing trend toward men wearing clothes that fit well. However, the look for women is sleeker and more precise than for men, and men’s fashions will still be on the looser side. A popular trend that is here to stay is yoga pants. While these are obviously more popular with females, some male brands are capitalizing on this trend and creating yoga pants that are comfortable and ergonomic for men.

Sweatpants Shorts for Men

A popular trend for men going into 2016 is sweatpants shorts. These are shorts that look like the sweatpants legs have been cut off. They generally have a loose yet not baggy look on the top, and the ends have been cuffed or have a rougher edge that gives them the look of recently being cut. The bottom of the shorts comes just above the knees. Ideally, these will be in darker hues, such as black, gray or navy blue.

Baseball Shirts

If you are thinking about updating your athletic gear wardrobe for the upcoming year, you may consider investing in a few baseball-style shirts. These notably have baseball jersey stitching on the shoulders, delineating the main bodice of the shirt with the sleeves. The sleeves and bodice may be two separate colors. For both men and women, the trend is for these shirts to have neutral or dark hues, and there is also a trend for them to be rather simplistic and casual-looking. For example, on the front of the shirt, they may have a single brand name logo that is rather small or that is made out of one of the primary neutral or dark hues found in the shirt so that it blends in rather than stands out.

Some people will wear their athletic leisure wear for workouts, and others will wear it to create a sporty, casual look even when they have no plans to workout for the day. When you are selecting athletic wear that you plan to use for workouts, pay attention to the material as well as the overall look. The material should be lightweight and should wick moisture away from the body. In addition, it should be appropriate for the season. When you keep these trends in mind and also focus on buying suitable gear for your specific activities and for weather conditions in your area, you will find that you look great and are dressed right for the events.

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