3 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Luxury House Fun

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If you are looking to make your house fun on a budget, there are many options to get this accomplished. From adding color to adding some charm, it is easy to get creative to add a fun touch to a standard house without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas on bringing new life to your house.
Re-Wire a LanternMany hanging entry lights are run of the mill and boring. However, incorporating a vintage lantern can add a lot of charm to your house. Lanterns from the early 20th century were crafted by hand and therefore humble by design. Blacksmiths worked to carefully construct lanterns, which are now seen as stylish and chic.

Rustic lanterns now give off a sense of the sought after back-to-basics design. Find one at a yard sale or antique store and clean it up. An electrician can easily rewire it and hang it in front of your house. This will welcome guests in an affordable, yet classy way.

Stained Glass

Want to bring some color into the house without painting walls? Stained glass is a popular way to let natural light decorate the house through the windows. While stained glass can be very expensive, there are options to make it cost-effective. Going straight to the source to a stained glass film manufacturer can save a lot of money on the final product.

Stained glass window films are an affordable do-it-yourself way to customize a window to your personal taste while also helping your bills by reducing the heat that enters the house and saving energy. Depending on the size of the window, you may also be able to add some privacy to your home as well.

Refinish Your Cabinets

Dark and old cabinets can make a kitchen feel small by making it dark and encasing. Giving the cabinet a fresh, bright look will lighten up the house and make the kitchen seem more fun. A bright makeover, however, does not need to require replacing all of the cabinets or doing demolition and construction. As long as the cabinet frames and the doors are well structured, you can easily fix them up with new paint or a new finish. This not only saves money, it also saves tremendous time. New cabinets are expensive, but this is an inexpensive alternative to a brighter area.

Add a Kitchen Backsplash

While installing a traditional backsplash made of tile may seem tedious, putting up a backsplash that is made from one sheet of a solid surface material is less daunting. Stock material can be purchased inexpensively from many home repair companies and it can be shaped and cut to your dimensions. This then simply needs to be glued on to the wall. Not only will this add design, it also protects the walls from food and dirt. While blacksplash materials can look great against any countertop, upgrading to marble or butcher block is a must for a truly luxurious look.  A variety of colors and patterns are available to complete this DIY project and it can be finished in less than a weekend. With a sleek backsplash, guests will think you have a quality and stylish protector from kitchen splatters.

While making upgrades to your house may feel like it will cost money, it does not have to. Doing some small changes can add up quickly to create a fun and creative house.

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