3 Key Items That Make a Professional Businessman

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Everyone from the man knocking on doors selling vacuum cleaners to the young graduate straight out of college and into their first office job can call themselves a businessman. To achieve the level of genuine, professional and respectable businessman it takes a lot more work both in and outside of the office.  As well as working your way up the career ladder it is important to dress the part and have all the essential and useful accessories.

Aside from a sharp suit and shoes, which every businessman will already own, there are a few extra items worth investing in to add that extra professional gleam.

Luxury Watch

Watches may have lost some of their usefulness in the digital age, with many people checking the time on their mobile phones. However, a top quality watch is vital as a status symbol and indicator that the wearer appreciates such finely crafted instruments.

3 Key Items That Make a Professional Businessman

Swanky, designer watches at the higher end demonstrate the ability to afford such luxury items and you will be rewarded with a watch that will last. The big brands such as Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani and Rolex, amongst others, all help accentuate a classy demeanour.

Luxury Car

Looking the part in the office but arriving to work in a rusty Ford Fiesta that’s ten years old takes a lot of shine off proceedings. Not only is your car a method of transportation but it is also something you should hold a great sense of pride in. For this reason driving a stylish and modern model is the way forward.

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The car you drive says a lot about you and like it or not fellow colleagues, clients and investors will partially judge you on it. A new, powerful car will also boost your confidence and overall mood; if you look the part you’ll feel the part.

Smart Briefcase

The rise of laptops may have reduced the number and changed the style of briefcases seen in general, yet for the professional businessman they are an essential component. It is important to take great care of it, avoiding any scratches, marks and loose strings to maintain the slick appearance.

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Dark coloured, leather briefcases in the traditional sense are best and more likely to match your suit and shoes too. Not usually as expensive as these other luxurious items it is still a key component in transforming into a classy and professional businessman, respected by all.

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