3 Ways to make your home appear more luxurious

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Keeping a high end lifestyle while also keeping your checking account in check can sometimes be difficult. Really the success of anyone who is wealthy always comes down to proper wealth management and generally some creative ideas. Just because you keep yourself on a budget of course does not mean that you aren’t able to live a life of luxury. Today I’m going to show you ways that you can help your home appear more luxurious without really breaking the bank.

  1. Window FilmWindow film stickers are an easy way to spruce up the way your home looks without having to really dedicate to something that you may want to change later. They look great, can have glass etchings, and will help you save on energy by blocking out UV rays and keeping your temperature level inside. My personal favorite thing to do has been to install window stickers that block UV rays to my biggest windows, this allows me to get rid of any shades and keeps the glare out so that I can have a great view of the city from my house. The plus is that later on if I want to change it I can do so by just removing it.
  2. Etched Glass DoorsInstalling some etched glass doors in your house are a great way to create an upscale vibe in your house. The key is to not just have an etched glass door for your entry door but to have them in other areas of the house where you can show them off. Some things that I’ve seen that look very nice are glass tables with nice etchings on them or glass etched doors for your shower. These kind of things may seem like small details but you’ll be surprised at how many people comment on them, it really shows an attention for detail at your house.
  3. Smart AutomationSmart home automation is becoming fairly inexpensive these days, but not many people are jumping on the wagon yet. Buying things such as the Amazon Echo or systems such as Nest are great ways to introduce smart automation into your home. You can do all sorts of things with home automation such as raise or lower your blinds, turn the lights on and off with just your phone, change the color tone of your lights with your phone, or even control your house temperature while you’re away. The Amazon Echo is great for everything from telling you cooking recipes to playing music, while it’s inexpensive it’s a classy way to add a bit of technology to your home.
  4. Marble BathroomsThis is a great way to really make your home stand out and feel luxurious. Marble bathrooms make a statement of luxury and refinement. While this is an expensive addition to have to a home it will really make it feel less like an ordinary home, and more like a home that is fit for a king.

Really having a luxurious home is about the way it feels. Try to decide what you want people to feel when they enter your home and then build around that. The attention to detail is really what makes things stand out so do your best to add the little details that bring about the environment you want. Remember, you don’t have to really break the bank to get a home in a nice luxurious quality, instead focus on what atmosphere your home creates.

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