LUXURY HACKS: 3 Ways to Warm Your Family Safely This Winter

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December and January are the coldest months of the year and these may be dangerous to live. You have to prepare for the winter. Purchase some warm clothes and accessories and provide a warm touch to your room. If you want to spend money then you can purchase so many things like heater etc. Unfortunately, these solutions prove to be harmful to the environment and have a long-term effect on our lives. So, for improving things for us and our environment, I wrote this article especially for the cold season, to provide 3 ways to warm your family safely in cold weather economically. Read below:

1. Add Curtains and Blinds: – Curtains and blinds are good solutions to decorate your home or want to give warmth touch to it. Select your theme and buy curtains accordingly. You can take floral pattern curtains in vibrant colors because in winter people like vibrant and bright colors. A thick curtain and blinds might just be a good solution you need to save your family money while keeping them safe. So, before buying and installing an air conditioner or heater you can try a thick curtain or blind. Thick curtains on windows or a thick blind maintain a warm temperature in the house with one simple trick. Cover your window with beautiful curtains and blinds and maintain the temperature of a room.

2. Handmade Floor Rugs: – Handmade floor rugs have several features which are very beneficial for a home and for your family. Due to the temperature of the environment, our body temperature changes and it means that when we come in contact with cold temperatures our bodies become cold. Flooring is the coldest part of our homes and most of us walk bare-footed in our homes, our bodies lose a lot of energy due to the cold temperatures of the floor. So, for giving a cozy and warm touch to the floor, you can purchase a one-time handmade carpet and take advantage of this a long life. A handmade rug plays the dual role. Find some advantages-

  • Provide warmth and cozy touch to a floor.
  • Provide safety for your family like your baby can play on it or pet can sleep on it.
  • This is hand washable so you don’t worry to clean it. You can wash it at your home.
  • Absorb cold air which comes from outside, if you use it as a wall hanging.
  • The durability of this carpet is long.
  • Enhance the beauty of a home.
  • Best home decoration accessory.

3. Re-arrange Furniture: – You can also provide warmth touch by re-arranging furniture in your home. Move your furniture which is close to your window and place it at warmth place. If we talk about living room then you can place your furniture close to your fireplace. Interior designers suggest staying within three feet of heat source to ensure that every member of family gets equal amount of energy in the room.

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