4 Luxury Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Trip to Indianapolis

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In a city the size of Indianapolis, you would imagine there is plenty to see and do to keep you busy on your next trip to this amazing Midwestern city. However, what if you are looking to treat yourself to something you’d never see or do at home? That’s luxury entertainment, which is something Indianapolis has plenty of. However, just be aware of the fact that there really is so much to see and do that you might struggle to fit everything in. Choose a few ideas and that’s a good place to start.

1. Solve a Mystery in a Breakout Room

For those looking for a challenge, why not visit an Indianapolis Escape Room? Breakout rooms are some of the trendiest activities that take you away from the typical night at the opera or trip to the museum, although Indianapolis has plenty of those as well. In a breakout room, you are given exactly 60 minutes to solve a challenge of some sort, to unlock the door of your themed room. It could be a mystery or a puzzle, but whatever it is, make sure to work closely with the group because you do, after all, need to beat the clock.

2. Get Tickets to a Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

While you might not be visiting Indianapolis during the famous Indy 500, there are always events going on at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You may not pay to go to a motor racetrack at home, but you haven’t seen Indianapolis until you’ve been to the home of some of the world’s most famous auto races. What a hit you’ll be back home when you bring Indy souvenirs for your racing friends who’ve never been.

3. Tour One of America’s Most Famous Haunted Houses – Hannah House

And, then there were haunted houses. The world is full of houses and castles all claiming to be haunted, but the Hannah House in Indianapolis is one of the most well-documented centers of paranormal activity in the nation. Not only is it a beautiful house but the souls of the tormented slaves burned to death in the basement are said to live on to haunt visitors by day or night.

4. Enjoy Dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

While considered to be a chain, this is really fine dining at its very best. Brazil is renowned for its love of juicy, tender steaks, and when yours can be carved tableside, you actually know what you’re getting even before it’s plated. Customer reviews say this is one of the best dining experiences ever. For a luxury dining experience, the prices are high, but not as high as you might expect!

There is so much to do and see in Indianapolis that it’s difficult to say what is the ultimate in a luxury experience. As they say about one man’s treasure, luxury (like beauty) lies in the eyes of the beholder. Looking for something unusual to do? That’s what you’ll find in Indy.

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