4 Luxury Restaurants To Look Out For In Manchester, UK

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Luxury is something that is thrown about very often and it is something that is often never lived up to the bill. The beauty behind luxury is that it provides elegance, sophistication and an exclusive edge to it that is often unmatched. It can be difficult to do right, however, once the brand or restaurant has been established it becomes a focal point for people to meet, get together and of course friendships to be formed. To put you through the steps of choosing luxury restaurants in Manchester we’ve come up with four just for you.


Tattu brings an exclusive edge to Manchester, which has seen David Beckham himself open the restaurant. Tattu offer an Asian infused atmosphere and experience, however, they provide only the finest meats with a marriage of spices, oils and of course vegetables. The idea behind the atmosphere and décor is to provide a calm, yet beautiful experience, which is highlighted with the blossom tree with illuminous leaves.

The Refinery

Different to the other bars in Spinningfields, The Refinery provides a twist on an all-British menu and style. Part of the Drake and Morgan exclusive chains, The Refinery have quickly become a Spinningfields hotspot for those looking for something different when faced with The Alchemist, Manchester House, and Artisan. The establishment itself is cozy, luxurious and romantic, which is embodied by the fur blanket placed on each seat. If you are looking for a luxury twist to traditional British cuisine, The Refinery is here for everyone.


Fazenda is for those who love the meats and of course Argentinian meats. The fine dining cuisine, balanced in an all you can eat basis makes Fazenda the perfect place for lunch and evening dinners. Prepare yourself for beautifully balanced cocktails, endless supplies of meat and of course the exclusive décor, which only highlights the luxury.


Menagerie is luxury personified with its exclusive list of cocktails, food and of course the ever so subtle bathtub. The style in which Menagerie compose their foods, drinks, and layout is truly exclusive and in turn, Menagerie will journey you through France and Italy, with their timeless menu. Menagerie will leave you addicted to the food and drinks so be prepared to keep coming back for more.

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