5 Bridal Beauty Trends of 2017

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Looking and feeling your best is one of the most important things on your wedding day. After all, you will be looking back on the photos for many years so you want to know you got it right. With brides often being synonymous with the idea of “picture perfect,” beauty preparation can start months in advance. Designers create fantastic new looks every year for brides to gain inspiration. If you’re soon-to-be married, check out this year’s top beauty trends, and make sure you’re the most fashionable bride of 2017.

Natural Hair

Throwout your hair straightener and curling iron and replace it with anti-frizz products. Natural hair is trending among brides. InStyle Magazine commented on the 30 percent increase in Pinterest searches for wedding styles that showcased natural curls, so don’t be afraid to embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw. If you don’t have curly hair, romantic waves have also been showcased in Fall 2017. Keeping it natural and simple is the way to go.

Pop of Color on The Lips

This year, forget about nudes and clear lips. Opt for a pop of color. With berry lips being the center of attention, dark and bold colors are also in trend for many brides. As strong colors can often fade or end up all over your new hubby’s face, try opting for a matte finish, liquid lipstick or something long-lasting as this will ensure you’re looking your best until the end of the celebrations.

Pink Eyeshadow

It may seem out of the ordinary, but pink eyeshadow has been a very popular search on Pinterest this year. Don’t be alarmed. We’re not talking about a bright Barbie pink, but rather a soft, romantic tone that offers a little color to your look. If you have a darker skin tone, you may decide on something a little darker to complement your complexion.

Less is More

When it comes to your face makeup, such as foundation, contour and highlighter, the trend this year is simplicity and remaining natural. In Pinterest’s 2017 wedding report, authenticity and the idea of “less is more” is proving to be part of the winning looks, with excess use products often going by the wayside. Try applying your base layer of foundation or powder and topping it off with some blush to highlight your cheekbones.

Effortless Up-dos

Wearing your hair up or down is one of the biggest beauty decisions on your wedding day, and it often depends on your dress. If you’ve chosen to wear it up, then go for effortless, in line with all the latest trends. Rather than an over-complicated bun with pins, braids and multiple layers, think more minimalistic and chic style that can be completed in less than three steps.

Research is key when it comes to keeping up with beauty trends for your wedding. Try visiting Amway’s Instagram page for great beauty ideas, and try using these beauty tips to create a fantastic look for your upcoming wedding.

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