LUXURY HACKS: 5 New Affluent Career Changes You Should Consider

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There are so many different career choices available to the public now with all kinds of learning avenues to help get there, but being a parent can hold some people back from having a regular nine to five job.

With the help of the internet, there are a lot of career opportunities that you can explore that you would have never previously thought of. Here is a guide to five career changes you should consider for a more affluent future.


Although it may seem out there and scary at first, becoming a translator is easy if you have the willingness to learn. During school years, a lot of people struggle to learn a new language, but now there are a lot of different educational tools available for you to learn with including audiobooks, apps and tutors there will be a way that best suits you.

Once you have become fluent in a chosen language the demand for translators is growing and is one of the fastest growing career choices currently. Translators aren’t commonly required during just office hours so your timetable is very adaptable, there is also a demand for a translator who works on audio files and documents from home, suiting most parents.


Becoming a writer is merely a dream for some people and they take the assumption that you need to be a famous book writer to make money from it. In 2017 it’s not the case, with the help of the vast online world again the need for writer online is massive and if you have a creative spark about your writing you should give it a try.

For the not-so-creative but keen-eyed, becoming an editor of articles is also a career opportunity and offers the option of working from home. This is a risk-free opportunity that you can delve into slowly to make sure it’s the right option for you can your priorities.


A great way to help yourself and other children in need of a home, to foster a child is a career and a big commitment, but some people are made for this line of work. Most people are ideal candidates for being a foster parent and it’s a job that doesn’t discriminate against marital status, sexual orientation or gender.

You can even select what age child you would be best suited to, as everyone has different levels of energy and are in all kinds of different situations they can offer to different ages.


Many people attend university can pick a course that they enjoy, but don’t know how they want to put it into practice. Becoming a teaching isn’t the easier option on this list but having the knowledge and enjoying being around children has got you far. Choosing to further your education and learning how to be a teacher will give you a good schedule to be with your children more during holiday periods and at the end of the school day.

But, if you think learning to become a teacher is too big of a commitment becoming an assistant gives you the freedom of the timetable and ability to still help children’s educations.

Travel Agent

A career that lets you talk about holidays for most the day, who wouldn’t love that. Becoming a travel agent is available to anyone who is interested, and if you’ve been travelling or seen a lot of foreign places that helps a lot!

Being a travel agent would make you think that you’re working from an office daily, but with the popularity of online booking, there is now the option to work from home answering online queries. So, if you think you can help advise holiday hunters ready for their travel this will be worth considering.

Overall, there are a lot of cool and creative careers options out there which can help you to live a much more affluent lifestyle. It’s just a case of developing the right skills to pursue the one you want!

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