5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Glamorous

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Your room is ready for some face lifting and you’re not sure which way to go. Consider redesigning your bedroom so it gets a glamorous appeal. This style is all about composing rich elements so they create the perfect combination of formal and fun. If you decide to set your room in glamour style, you should know you’re dealing with attention-grabbing design. Keep in mind that this scheme is completely applicable for designing living room and home office as well. The tips provided below should help you to start planning your bedroom’s decoration.

You’ll need some space

Before you start doing anything considering redesigning, make sure to clean the room thoroughly. Remove all unneeded items and put them somewhere else. If you really don’t need them, you may try to sell them at a yard sale. This way, you’ll get some extra cash which can be directed toward redecoration budget. If you’re not tight with money, go ahead and donate your extra clothes and old pieces of furniture to charity. You’ll get much more space and you’ll help those in need.

Pick some stylish furniture

Maybe the crucial step towards sophisticated glamour bedroom is the choice of furniture. You should be looking for pieces with carved art deco elements. This style tends to be very symmetrical and includes a bunch of right angles. Think about those repeating rectangular and square shapes and decide about the pattern. Your shelf, table, and bed will look much better with some art deco details all over them.

Focus on colors

If you want to achieve glamorous appeal, you’ll have to be very precise with the colors. This style is, as mentioned before, about the contrast between rich dominant tones such as regal violet and deep blue. Of course, to achieve the look you’re after, you’ll need to use some bright white which will pair with dominant tones.

Glamour is about drama, so go ahead and add some white stripes to your drapes for the effect. The combination of black and white is always a good pick if you want good contrast. Feel free to experiment with different bold tones and you’ll be a step closer to your dream bedroom. Professionals such as Colour Life Sydney Painters recommend that you seek professional advice before engaging in painting the room by yourself.

Consider wooden molding

It is very important to focus on details, and wood molding may be the thing you’re looking for. It can be done in form of cornices, wainscoting and attached to furniture. You should start by attaching wood molding on walls at chair height, which is also known as panelling. The second place where you can add wood molding is the place where walls meet the ceiling, and at the end, you can attach it to furniture. These simple additions will transform your bedroom from regular into sophisticated.

Think about fabrics and textures

If you want your bedroom glamorous, you should go with rich fabrics such as velvet and satin. The latter is perfect for curtains, according to home decor websites, such as Better Decorating Bible, and velvet can be used for upholstery. Keep in mind that wood and velvet will create beautiful contrast so choosing this fabric will most certainly beautify your furniture. Another great pick is sheer curtains. After you install them, your bedroom will get needed privacy and look much more luxurious.

Final thoughts

You don’t need to dream about glamourous bedroom anymore. Start designing and planning redecoration once you get well informed about all possibilities. Online space can be the right place to start. It is crucial to learn as much as you can before engaging in this adventure. Keep in mind that help from a professional will be of great significance. Gather knowledge, ideas, and experience, and direct your budget toward bedroom redecoration. With the right colors, furniture, and finishing touches, success is guaranteed and your bedroom will be improved in no time.

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