5 Ways To Sprinkle A Little Luxury Dust On Your Travel

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Whether you travel once a week or once a year, there are several little things you can do to pamper yourself and make the trip extra special. You may enjoy some of them, or all of them, so much that they will become a regular routine on any route. No matter where or for what purpose, travelling can be a bit nerve-racking. Invest in a few rituals that will relieve the stress and make you feel extraordinary.

Buy Some New Luggage

Your luggage can be a beautiful accessory. Nothing can make you want to pack more eagerly than trying out a new eye-catching suitcase. It doesn’t have to be a top-of-the-line, expensive, name brand or leather luggage, but it does have to be pretty. A good idea would be to choose a pattern or color that stands out in a crowd of black and grey suitcases, making your luggage easier to spot. If you really want to relax, make sure it is a bit bigger than you actually need. Not only will you be able to sneak in a few extra outfits (just in case), but it will be easier when you are in a rush to pack. There will be no need to fold and squeeze things in neatly, just throw them in and you’re off.

Make A Travel Pack

Buy mini-sized toiletries and pack them ahead of time. Treat yourself with the more expensive brand, as you will be buying a smaller amount anyway, the difference in price will hardly be noticeable. It does depend on how long you will be away, but small bottles will usually suffice. You do not need a full bottle of shampoo or a whole tube of toothpaste. In fact, chances are that your will forget the leftover products in the hotel bathroom. This may seem like you are buying duplicates, not only are small bottles cuter and easier to pack, but by taking an unopened package, you will reduce the chances of spills or getting it confiscated by security. It will also help take the weight off of your suitcase and ensure that you don’t forget the necessary products.

Have A Drink

Treat yourself to food or drink outside of the regular, dull in-flight menu. Order a glass of wine or Champaign on your flight. Sip it slowly, relax and enjoy the service and view. If you are not a fan of alcohol, just have an expensive cup of coffee while at the airport. One beverage will not significantly put you out of pocket, but it will leave you feeling refreshed and pampered, in a way. You might even want to offer to buy a drink for the person sitting beside you. Striking up a conversation and doing something nice for a stranger will make the time pass more quickly. When you are on the road a few little indulgences can go a long way.

Treat Yourself To A Ride

Instead of taking an ordinary cab, why not hire a luxury car transfer service? Have them pick you up at your home or hotel and drive you to and from the airport. Sitting in a beautiful car instead of the average yellow cab will make you feel like a million dollars. Having a professional chauffer in Perth can also spare you the unpleasant conversations or episodes taxi drivers are notorious for. Eliminate all of the stress of catching a cab or driving yourself (not to mention traffic, parking, etc.) and start your trip off by arriving in style.

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

If you are going on holiday, do not forget to book a massage or some spa time. However, even if you are on a business trip in the most boring place imaginable, make sure to schedule in some sort of adventure. There isn’t a place on this Earth that does not have some kind of new and undiscovered treasure. Find the time to experience the place you are staying in. It can be as simple as getting dressed up and having a meal in a local restaurant, or taking a detour into a side street. Most often you will find that authentic local tastes and souvenirs will not be found in the city center. Remember, no matter where you are staying, or the purpose of your trip, a little ‘me time’ is necessary, at least to recoup from the flight.

Whether it’s an exotic destination or your cousin’s wedding, just because your travels are not the most expensive that money can buy does not mean that it can’t feel that way. Do not be afraid to splurge a little for things that can really make a difference. The bottom line is to do something for yourself on the trip that will leave you feeling wonderful and refreshed.

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