6 Luxurious Pieces of Fitness Equipment You Need to Invest In

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If you love working out and fitness is part of your lifestyle, you should really consider treating yourself with some high-end equipment. The market can offer a lot of different machines, gadgets, and other sports accessories, and yours is to choose. Of course, your budget should be healthy enough if you want to aim toward following pieces of equipment.

VibroGym Diamond – $69,190

This piece of gym equipment is especially popular with models and celebrities. Its main feature is vibration which can stimulate every muscle in the body. This product is popular with a good reason. Namely, it will utilize 100% of your muscles, and good old gym can’t throw over 60%. The choice is obvious since this machine can stimulate muscles and improve your body easily in just 10 minutes daily. The frequency and strength of the vibrations can be modified, so every muscle gets just enough stimuli.

Hypoxi Trainers – $52,000

In the late 90s, Dr. Norbert Egger designed and developed this great product, which is currently available in nearly 50 countries worldwide. This machine is specialized in specific areas of the body that need a lot of attention. Yes, Hypoxi Trainers will help you to get rid of the fat in no time. Its target areas are hips, thighs, butt and tummy fat. This piece of high-quality equipment can stimulate a wind tunnel. This method is very efficient in shaping one’s body. The manufacturers claim that their 6 weeks program can be an equivalent to 6 months spent in the gym.

Quick Gym Range of Motion (ROM) Machine – $15,000

Here comes something less expensive, but still very luxurious. This is a flywheel that includes a centrifugal brake. It will help you to improve resistance, flexibility, and cardio in no time. This machine can affect 12 times more muscle cells than jogging. The 4 minutes training will give the same results as full training in the gym. A lot of celebrities claim that this machine is highly effective. Some of them are Jimmy Kimmel, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise.

Expresso Fitness S3U Novo – $5,8000

This indoor bike features a 19-inch monitor and it contains the interactive fitness management software called Expresso Live. This system should keep you motivated and excited about the workout. There are more than 30 virtual tours you can drive and you can even compete against artificial drivers. Of course, there is an option to race with your friends, but you’ll need an internet connection to do this. This piece of equipment will give you realistic experience since it will simulate real road conditions. Yes, you’ll need to steer and shift like you do in reality.

2016 Polygon Cozmic RX3.0 – $3,299

This fantastic 29er hardtail mountain bike has a podium climbing ACX Advanced Carbon frame which will provide you with extraordinary performance and experience. It became very popular and efficient to purchase bicycles online. Mountain bikes for sale flooded online space, and this beauty is their leader. This bike is designed to achieve high speed, but it’s also very safe and easy to handle. The materials used for building this bicycle are making it very light, but very strong on the other side.

MyRun – $4,390

This is a high-end treadmill and it comes from the environmentally friendly company, Technogym. This product can provide you with a personalized running score which will get better in the future. You’ll just need to use it frequently. MyRun can integrate via iPad app which can come very handy when it comes to planning training programs. Besides that, this machine will play your favorite music and monitor your fitness goals. It is pretty easy to assemble and install. You won’t need more than five minutes.

Final thoughts

Whatever you choose to buy from the list above, you won’t miss. All these workout devices are designed and developed by people who really know fitness and proper ways to workout. You will just need some money and a lot of motivation to achieve great results. Think hard before buying any of those since they are pricey and you might not be satisfied. Luckily, most of the manufacturers will allow you demo period for a decent price.

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