6 Ways To Make Your Old Furniture Look Elegant And Expensive

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Whether a piece of furniture was inherited or one of the first things that you bought, there are always things that seem to stay with you no matter where you are. Years of use do their damage, and before you know it, its time to give that old chair an updated look.

Give It A New Coat

The easiest way to update your old furniture is to use paint. There is a downside however; an endless choice of colors, patterns, stencils and effects. You may want to go with a marble or patina, a metallic or matte effect. It all depends on your own preference. Do not forget to sand down your old furniture and use a primer and sealer to prevent scratching or damage. This can be a DIY project, but for family heirlooms or antique pieces, hiring a professional might be the way to go.

Add Hardware

Metallic and leather accents are all the rage at the moment. Any table or shelf in your home can be modernized by adding metal corners or spray painting the legs, brackets or supports in a silver, gold or brass color. Add an unexpected twist to your décor by using some jute twine or pieces of leather to make a pull instead of a traditional handle. Replace the legs on your couch, tables or beds to make them higher or lower, as needed.

Use Contact Paper

Contact paper can be used in a variety of ways and it comes in some pretty interesting patterns and styles. An old coffee table, door or dresser will look very elegant and expensive once it has been given a new face using a marble or wood pattern, for example. When redoing an old piece, you will find that the insides need some sprucing up as well. Line them with contact paper, making the surfaces smoother and easier to maintain.

Hire An Upholsterer

There are certain things, such as replacing the fabric on the seat of a chair, that you can do yourself. But for a more polished and longer lasting result, find a professional. They will not only change the outward look of your old sofa or chair, but replace the inside lining as well. Take that old ratty recliner to an upholsterer and change the fabric to a beautiful floral for a killer accent piece for your living room. Padding can do wonders, not only for comfort, but aesthetically as well.

Spray Paint

You can use spray paint on a variety of materials. We are all familiar with the fact that spray paint is usually used for metal surfaces, but did you know that you can use it on fabric as well? Specialized spray paint can be used on things such as lamp shades and even cushions (which comes in handy when covering up stains). Use a stencil for a patterned effect. Spray paint also comes in many textures and finishes.

Use Different Materials

Sometimes all you need are a few cushions and some new drapes in order to easily incorporate an old piece of furniture into the room. Velvety, rich or busy patterns can make all the difference and give an otherwise bland room some personality. At custom elegant curtains and blinds in Perth you can choose from a variety of different window treatments to match the new style and color palate of your refurbished furniture.

Giving old furniture a new face and purpose is not only a great hobby, it’s environmentally friendly and creative as well! The sky is the limit once you realize how easy and productive it is. Creating and owning a one-of-a-kind piece will give you a certain satisfaction that cannot be bought.

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