7 Tips for Designing a Luxury Bathroom

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Every part of your home is special when it comes to design. Living rooms are supposed to show off hominess and class, bedrooms coziness and serenity, kitchens are welcoming and soothing, and bathrooms are relaxing and personal. This is why when people renovate, it’s not surprisingly most of them decide upon a luxury bathroom, sparing no money or going over their budget. And like everything else you renovate, the bathroom can also really quickly become kitsch and a nightmare to walk in. So, maybe these 7 tips will stir you clear of that, and help you get the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

Use dark stone tiles

dark tiles in bathroom

Dark colors are probably the last you expected to see, but actually, times of all-white bathrooms are long gone. Using dark stone tiles, in colors like dark gray, charcoal or navy blue, will add extra elegance to the overall feel of your bathroom.

A dark bathroom is a perfect place for a freestanding white tub as the center piece and silver faucets, shower head and hardware of modern design. If you want cabinets, decide upon those with clear or frosted glass, and avoid using PVC materials because they’ll make your bathroom look cheap and ruin the stylishness you achieved with dark stone tiles.

Let it be one open space

Nothing says “personal” like owning the space. And the bathroom is something you want to be just yours and to your taste. But having an open space bathroom doesn’t sound appealing to most since they think it means that there are no doors and that windows are all made of glass top to bottom.

This is one model of the said bathroom of course, but the other doesn’t require that you open it to the whole world, but just that space is opened for you. This includes minimalistic design, bright colors like beige, white and light gray, see-through glass for the showers and a lot of natural light coming in the room.

Wood is welcoming

Organic design is very popular these days, and using wooden surfaces and materials is not unusual anymore. What more, it’s supported through differently processed woods, surfaces, and purposes. These kind of bathrooms are all about the wooden surfaces and emphasizing the natural aspects like using oak for the bathtub sides, for example, and hardwood flooring. The moist and water don’t present a problem because they’re crafted especially to accommodate to all the usual conditions. If you decide for this type of bathroom, use modern fixtures, bathtubs, toilet seats, and basins, because this clash of styles will create classy and lavish appeal.

Don’t forget the decorating accessories

The bathroom also deserves some details to add character and mood. Of course, you’ve already set the direction where you’re headed with the décor, but having paintings on the wall, ornamental details or other bathroom accessories will seal the deal.

Fresh flowers, the color of your towels, rugs, and even candles will be the finishing touch and sometimes much-needed accessories to achieving the perfect atmosphere.

Keep it as simple as you can

When using home and bathroom renovation services you tend to exaggerate afraid that doing too little will have no effect or that expensive means you have to fill every nook. Actually, if you keep it simple and to the point, your bathroom will not become cluttered nor lose its stylishness.

Try to use walled in cabinets or baskets under the basins, and even having opened shelves can take away the massive and bulky décor out of your bathroom design.

Create a small oasis

Maybe you think that bathroom is not a place to keep plants, but to achieve that zen you need to place something alive and green. Ideal for bathrooms are the orchids since they enjoy semi-light places with moisture and warmth.

They are usually associated with class and luxury, so they’ll automatically bring that to your bathroom. Other great plants for bathrooms are bamboo and peace lily, as well as ivy if you decide upon the wooden bathroom to give it that natural look.

Be creative with lighting

When it comes to bathrooms if you decide to use all the advantages of natural lighting you can’t go wrong. Matted glass or semi-transparent curtains can add you privacy and enough brightness at the same time. What you have to be careful about is how to handle the artificial light.

Consider using the dimmers to change the brightness and create the spa like atmosphere. Also, depending on the décor, use appropriately designed lamps, for example, traditional ones mounted on the wall or those installed on the sides of your mirror. Chandeliers are not forbidden, but they can influence the design too much, so you better use ceiling lamps.

In the end

Design your bathroom according to your taste and preferences, since you need to pamper yourself with luxury and beauty first. Bathrooms are not parts of your home which you’ll renovate often, so make sure you invest in making it perfect and functional, and above all place where you can achieve peace and comfort from everyday stress and chaos.

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