9 Safety Features Coming to New Luxury Vehicles

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Cars, like any technology, change at a rapid clip. Safety features are constantly being upgraded to protect drivers in the event of an accident. From rollover prevention to airbags that respond to each individual in the car, the latest luxury cars are now outfitted with cutting-edge safety features.

9 Safety Features Coming to New Luxury Vehicles

Rollover Prevention

Volvo, Ford, GM and Chrysler are all employing technology to help prevent rollovers. If the vehicle senses that you’ve swerved quickly, it will apply the brakes and help adjust your speed to prevent your car from rolling over.

Lane Departures

If you are driving and you start to drift out of your lane, a system will warn you so you can correct the misstep. Expect a vibration through the seat or wheel or even an alarm. Car manufacturers are even planning on systems that monitor how alert you are, so if you start to doze as you drive, it will decrease your car’s speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control & Collision Mitigation

The days where cruise control just keeps your car at one speed have come and gone. Today’s vehicles are outfitted with cruise control sensors that will slow your car down to keep you at a safe distance from the other car. If your car “senses” that you might crash, it will automatically tighten your seat belts and engage the brakes. Once you’re out of harm’s way, your car will return to the original cruising speed.

Emergency Brake Assist

Different from anti-lock brakes, these brakes sense when you’ve made a sudden stop and will slow down your speed to help shorten your stopping time.

Adaptive Headlights

One of the hardest times to drive is at night. Your vision is extremely limited. But adaptive headlights aim to help you spot objects as far 1,000 feet away. Additional safety features include lights that align with the direction you car is traveling—that bend with the light—or ones that brighten or dim depending on how much light is surrounding you.

Occupant-sensitive airbags

Today’s airbags are sophisticated enough to sense what the person in the car is doing. For instance, it will sense if you’re reaching for the radio knobs or how much you weigh to better protect you in case of a crash.

Rearview Cameras

Review cameras are invaluable to drivers backing up as they allow you to see what’s behind you without having to strain your neck to do so. Many are equipped with sensors that sound or alarm if you’re getting too close to an object.

Emergency Response

Besides services like OnStar, which contact emergency responders on your behalf, cars are also outfitted with other automatic features designed to keep you safe. Chrysler’s accident response system unlocks your doors, illuminates your interior lights and turns off your fuel if the airbag goes off.

Sleepy Driver Warnings

Manufacturers like Volvo and Saab have created facial sensor-based drowsy driver alert systems that recognize when your facial muscles slacken and will trigger a voice warning to let you know you should pull over.

Learn the Latest Laws

With these new technology advances, you can expect to see driving laws impacted as well. Make sure you’re up to date on all of the latest changes to your local laws and brush up on your knowledge by taking a few online driving tests. After all, one of the best ways to keep yourself, and others, safe on the road is by knowing the law.

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