A Foodie’s Guide to Italy: Top Destinations for Food & Wine

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There’s simply no denying that when it comes to culinary refinement, the Italians have it down. Italian cuisine is an unmistakable togetherness of the freshest ingredients, the simplest yet most divine flavors, the brightest colors, and the most wonderful aromas which arouse the interest of even the most jaded foodie traveler.

Italy is a food connoisseur’s paradise and within this gastronomical playground, you will certainly not be disappointed. Here are some of the must-visit food regions for those who like to wine and dine with simply the best of the best in Italian cooking.

Lombardy (Capital: Milan)

The Northern region of Italy may not be what many of us Westerners consider to be ‘typically Italian’. Don’t expect to see pasta and pizza shops as frequently as you might do in Rome or the Amalfi Coast; Lombardy’s famous for its rice and polenta dishes, as well as its world-famous cheeses, and these are mouth-wateringly good.

Head to Milan for a taste of city life, or edge closer to the lakes (Lake Maggiore or Lake Lugano) for a little bit of the bordering Swiss influences in Lombardy cooking. To discover more on this lovely region, read more on Italia.it.

Tuscany (Capital: Florence)

Growing some of the country’s finest olives for olive oil production, you will be met with a flavor explosion every time you dine. This region is famed for its meat dishes, its bread and countless salads and soups to throw into the culinary mix.

Wine buffs descend on Florence, Pisa, Arezzo, Siena and Livorno every single year so if you’re interested in wine tasting, you will find plenty to keep you busy.

Lazio (Capital: Rome)

Rome is one of the most spectacular places in Europe. As well as being the country’s capital city, it’s also a destination filled with history, culture and simply great people. In Rome and the rest of the Lazio region (visit Frosinone or Rieti for the best food), you can expect to taste the most delicious pasta, both fresh and dried.

Artichokes are a local favorite for snacking and garlic is a key flavor in Lazio cookery. If you’re in Rome, remember that it can be very easy to fall into the tourist traps – for a guide on the best restaurants in the city, read more here.

Sicily (Capital: Palermo)

Sicily is blessed with extremely fertile soil thanks to Mount Etna. The volcanic soil makes the best breeding ground for the largest lemons, the tastiest blood oranges, the richest  olives and many other delicious fruits or vegetables in the region.

But it’s not just fruit and veg that the Sicilians excel in; you can expect some amazing meat dishes to boot. And as if that wasn’t enough to whet the appetite, Sicily is also a region to some of the best Italian wines. This part of Italy is also well-known for its unique hotel culture, and many travelers find this to be much more pleasing than large hotel chains.

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