A new ‘digital glossy’ sets the standard for luxury lifestyle publications: LuxeGetaways Magazine launches

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A brand new luxury lifestyle publication goes online and features the most complete content covering all categories of luxury from travel and dining to the latest trends and luxury products.

While some luxury categories have suffered the wraith of global economic instability, demand for luxury travel and experiences remains strong as affluent millennials continue to prefer soul changing experiences to shiny things.

LuxeGetaways Magazine is a new ‘digital glossy’ published by renowned luxury travel and lifestyle expert, Damon M. Banks. By bringing together various contributors from different backgrounds and experiences, Damon has created a platform that features the most detailed and diverse luxury travel and lifestyle content available online.

The magazine is delivered in a user friendly ‘digital print edition’ and is filled with beautiful images, detailed guides and entertaining and engaging articles. Pay special attention to page 96 where yours truly is honored to be featured in the inaugural edition.

Read the official press release:

The premier issue of LuxeGetaways Magazine launches this week, providing an exciting new digital magazine experience for those passionate about today’s international travel opportunities.

Washington, DC (September 21, 2016) – Destination World Media is pleased to announce the launch of the premier issue of LuxeGetaways Magazine (FALL 2016). The full issue is available at www.LuxeGetaways.com/magazine; as well as several of today’s leading digital newsstands including Magzter, PressReader and ISSUU – making the Fall 2016 Issue easily accessible to a combined audience of more than 300 million subscribers and visitors associated with these distribution outlets.


Taking the time to get to know the readers, and collectively looking at all of the current and upcoming trend available today, this issue is a diverse collection of travel opportunities across the globe. The Fall Issue includes a culinary escape in London, an adventure through Zimbabwe, luxury getaways throughout Hawaii and Europe, a family guide to Beverly Hills, an in-depth look at the cruise industry, train travel in Switzerland, interviews with travel agents and hotel concierges, a hotel and restaurant guide to Washington, DC, and a number of other travel and lifestyle features that appeals to today’s savvy travelers.

Believing strongly in the “high-low” approach to travel, LuxeGetaways makes a point to feature both luxury and value-driven travel options so that readers can plan their getaways with a combination of splurges and value. With this honest approach to travel that appeals to today’s intelligent travelers, LuxeGetaways’ readers include the retired Baby Boomers and wired Millennials — all who are in search of their next great getaway

“With the website continuing to see thousands of visitors daily, we are pleased to now be launching the quarterly magazine this season to highlight additional travel options available today,” said Damon Banks, Editor at LuxeGetaways Magazine. “While we do look forward to adding print copies with our distribution partners in the future, we are extremely excited with all of the digital opportunities available to us now via our outstanding digital distribution partners that enhance the LuxeGetaways Magazine experience for both our advertisers and readers.”

LuxeGetaways brings a unique vision of today’s travel lifestyle to readers, and showcases these many experiences and trends that can inspire them to think outside of the box and push their boundaries to discover a whole new world of travel. Advertising inquiries can be directed to advertising@LuxeGetaways.com — Media Kit available upon request.

Introduction by Doron Levy Courtesy Destination World Media

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