Planning A Move: Amazing Tips To Secure Your Valuable Stuff

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When planning a move, it is not only about how to transport the bulky items. It is likely that most of the furniture in your home is probably replaceable or easily fixed, should something break or get damaged. But what about the things that aren’t? Luxurious items include jewelry, art, unique pieces of furniture, rugs, dishes, heirlooms and even items with only sentimental value- in short, anything that you cannot or do not want to replace. Rather than assuming that damage or theft won’t happen to you, take the necessary steps to protect your hard-earned belongings.

Check Your Insurance

Some moving companies will offer you insurance and claim that it is a “full coverage policy”. Never take their word for it. Do a thorough check. If you are not happy with the movers’ insurance, buy your own. Especially when dealing with art or collectables, you may find that you do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to the amount of money needed to replace your damaged belongings. Get full value replacement insurance, you will likely save money in the long run.

Get Your Things Appraised

We do hope for the best, but accidents happen. Should your belongings be damaged, you’re going to want to prove the state they were in prior to the move. Taking pictures and writing descriptions is a good start. If you want to be extra careful, especially with items that have great sentimental value, go get them appraised. Professional appraisers will write a report about the state of an item, along with an estimated value. Who knows, it may be worth more than you think!

Be Careful Who You Trust

Only use reputable companies to handle your affairs. As consumers, we have many ways of checking out a company’s credibility and reviews. Why take chances? We have all heard the horror stories about movers who are careless with belongings. You might want to rethink what is safe to entrust to a moving company, and what you may just want to transport yourself. Also, don’t go around telling everyone how valuable the contents of the box are. It is ok to ask someone to be extra careful nicely, while throwing around numbers isn’t such a good idea.

Check Your Locks

Only you should have the key to your new home, office, garage or safe. It is not enough to just take the keys from the previous owners. Always invest in new lock systems. This will give you a piece of mind and prevent theft. Remember to also double check if you have locked your car if your valuable items are still inside. Even if you are just leaving for a second, things can get stolen in parking lots or even driveways.

Pack Your Most Precious Belongings Yourself

There are some things that you must pack yourself in order to ensure a safe trip and arrival at their new residence. Damaged valuables are not always the movers’ fault. You know best what it is that you own and the steps you need to take to protect it. For instance, things like electronics or art can easily be scratched, resulting in a decrease in value. Take the time to wrap them up tightly, separately and securely. Throwing valuables in a box and expecting them to come out the way they were is unrealistic.

Put The Expensive Things Away

Depending on where you are going, you may not want things like expensive jewelry, kitchen utensils or maybe even quality cookware sets lingering out in the open right away, or getting tripped over in a chaotic new place. If this is the case, reliable self storage units are the way to go. You can pack your things up safely, under lock and key, until it is time to bring them out again. This is also a great option if you are going overseas because of the long period of time in which you will be unable to keep an eye on your things.

As the value of a certain item increases, so does our fear of losing it. Take the time to plan your move carefully, at least for your most treasured belongings. No one has ever regretted being extra cautious, especially when you could be at a loss financially, not to mention emotionally.

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