Amenities to Look For in Your Next Luxury Apartment Search

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If you are looking to move in 2016, you have many things to look forward to this year. Apartment complexes are improving their offerings to cater to the future tenants wishes and desires to live in the best that their city has to offer. Gone are the days when one can feel blessed to have found an apartment with a dishwasher. Renters can appreciate the luxurious developments taking place in the cities they call home.

Pool With A View

Most high-end apartments offer a community pool located somewhere on the property. A rooftop pool is just that much better. With views of the New York City skyline and a cool breeze, it can easily be added to your list of ‘must haves’ in your next apartment search done with ForRent. Enjoying a swim in a temperature-regulated pool is a great way to relax in the evening.

Lounge on Fire

Living in an apartment can feel restrictive at times. It can be useful to have an area to escape to that feels like home but offers some more space to enjoy. A common area equipped with a bar area and billiards is just the added amenity that apartment renters have been missing. Without having to leave the comfort of your own building, you can enjoy a drink and some friendly company with your neighbors. Newer buildings have been furnishing common rooms with pool, darts, shuffleboard and more for their tenants’ pleasure. Be sure to do your research to find the community room that best fits you and your desires.

Who Ordered Dinner?

If you are not one for cooking, you’ll be happy to find the wide range of in-house chefs available at some of the newest apartment buildings. Most of us are too busy to cook for ourselves these days but still enjoy a home-cooked meal. If you have dietary needs, this will not propose a problem for you in your search. The best part is that your in-house chef will familiarize themselves with your tastes and prepare your meals to your liking.

Movie Night Without the Hassle

If you are a movie lover but don’t want to have to share the theater with the general public, you can now partake in your own private viewings. Some buildings are featuring theaters that seat up to 100 people (or as few as 12) and are stationed with a full bar. You can choose from a long list of films to watch with your friends and family without ever having to leave your building.

Maintain Your Health

When you invest in your new home, you are investing in your lifestyle. Staying fit and healthy are an element to consider when finding the right place for you to call home. Having a fitness center in your building can help to encourage that healthy lifestyle. Apartment buildings are offering lap pools, full gyms equipped with numerous pieces of equipment, tanning beds, an on-call masseuse and fitness classes. Some fitness centers are equipped with a projection screen that you can choose to watch and follow a pre-recorded workout class, such as those by Beachbody, to fit your routine. If health and fitness are of importance to you, you will be happy to see the new improvements being made to community gyms.

Apartment complexes are really stepping up their game to attract new tenants. Take advantage of this recent trend when searching for a new living space and you’ll experience apartment living like you’ve never experienced it before.

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