An Exotic Tanzania Getaway

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The appeal of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is its ethnic diversity, international trade and culture. However, you can now add its luxury accommodations. The discerning traveler, who looks to find what appeals to them, will undoubtedly become familiar with The Oyster Bay. The Oyster Bay is a 5-star luxury hotel directly across from the ocean. It isn’t just the location that is the biggest draw; it is the level of luxury that awaits the guests of The Oyster Bay. If one could dream of the ideal African Villa, it would likely resemble this stunningly beautiful and unassuming luxury boutique hotel in Dar es Salaam.

Providing their guests with the best quality of luxury afforded to them seems of the utmost importance to those who are on staff here. Your luxury experience begins from the moment you land in Dar es Salaam, as a chauffeur driven luxury vehicle awaits your arrival. Pleasant smiles abound as you make your way to the front of the hotel. A gracious hostess and other staff members pleasantly greet you upon arrival. They truly make your introduction to The Oyster Bay unforgettable. Check-in is as easy as getting to the hotel, since they bring the paperwork directly to you for signage. Guests can begin experiencing the highest level of luxury soon after they arrive, as they are offered a welcome drink and shown around the property while your luggage is delivered to your suite.

The grand foyer is an indication of the tastefulness for which the entire hotel property has been transformed into a chic African Villa. Its carefully curated art and décor will not go unnoticed, as everything is simply spectacular and distinctively, African inspired. As you make your way to suite through the broad, open-air stairwell, it almost feels as though you are actually making your way through an art gallery with all of the images and amazing artwork on the walls.

There are 3 floors of guest suites, each with a private terrace, facing the ocean. The suites are designed to envelope you in pure luxury, as it doesn’t appear as any expense was spared in making guests feel right at home. Designed with the idea of creating a space for maximum comfort, it offers clean lines, a natural color palette with a splash of vibrant color. The contemporary African design is very fresh and welcoming. Its spacious suites come equipped with air-conditioners, ceiling fans that enable each guest to regulate their level of comfort. There is also a lovely lounge, writing desk, and plasma screen television. In addition to an already spacious suite, guests will be surprised to see the en-suite bathroom is also very spacious and just as luxurious with a freestanding tub, private toilet and walk through shower.

The rest of the property is nice and airy, allowing a comfortable flow of natural air and sunlight to permeate through the hotel. As you make your way through the hotel lounge area, it easily flows into the rest of the rooms, such as the formal dining area and wide-open veranda, overlooking the immaculately manicured garden. All of the large-scale furnishings perfectly compliment the style of the home, including the comfortable outdoor lounge area. The outdoor lounge area is ideal for kicking back and relaxing after dinner with a coffee or cocktail. The entire hotel is air-conditioned and there are plenty of ceiling fans to keep guests nice and cool.

Even though the hotel hostess would be happy to assist you with dinner reservations, if you are going to experience the entire luxury hotel experience, it is recommended that you take full advantage of what is offered to you at The Oyster Bay. Since it is also an all-inclusive hotel, guests receive all meals and beverages at no additional charge. A favorite amongst many of the hotel guests is the delicious seafood platter. Fresh and innovative meals are carefully prepared with the most discerning palette in mind. The entire dining experience is comfortable and laid-back, as guests have options as to when and where they would like to have their meals. This is one of the many features that make the hotel guests feel right at home.

If you are truly a destination traveler and Tanzania is on your radar, make a stop through Dar es Salaam and book yourself at The Oyster Bay. It will be a luxury hotel experience that you won’t forget.

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