Are These the Most Luxurious Casinos in the World?

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When it comes to luxury, few establishments or industries have really managed to encapsulate the feel quite like casinos. Not only are they the home of thrills and excitement, casinos often offer the most luxurious hotel suites, award-winning spas, Michelin star restaurants and, of course, classic games that have been played by the wealthy for centuries. It’s really no surprise that we cover casinos so often here, but where are the most luxurious casinos in the world? Let’s take a look.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

How could we possibly start a list of luxury casinos anywhere but with The Bellagio? As soon as the name of this casino resort is mentioned images of gold, celebrities and rich experiences are sure to enter your mind, all pre-empted by that iconic outdoor fountain at the front of the building. The 116,000 square feet establishment was the setting for the legendary Ocean’s Eleven heist movie after all, so it is one of the most famous casinos in the world. There are a number of restaurants run by award-winning chefs, while guests will also have constant access to a range of top-quality amenities. Plus, the casino is one of a kind with restricted VIP sections for the real high-rollers.

The Ritz Club, London

Still, as fancy as The Bellagio is nothing can really compare to gold old true British luxury. The Ritz Club in London is so lavish in fact, that only exclusive, private guests can enter certain areas and have access to a never-ending list of top goods and services. The entire casino is members only, so we can only imagine what treatment these VIPs receive while at the club. If you ever manage to enter The Ritz Club, you’ll find a perfect balance of gaming and dining, though we can only imagine what is on the menu. The games are probably a little easier to fathom, with roulette, blackjack, baccarat and three card poker all on offer.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

As we’re sure you know, Monte Carlo Casino was one of the world’s first ever major brick-and-mortar casinos ever built, first opening its doors in the 1850s. Even those of you who don’t gamble will no doubt recognise the establishment from a number of James Bond titles, though these films cannot even perfectly the depict how glamorous the casino really is. Plus, despite how old the building and brand may be, the games are still just as modern as those found at online casino operators, and include popular poker variants such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha. In fact, you should probably play some online poker at an equally fancy online equivalent before visiting the Monte Carlo Casino, as one would hate to look like a fool in such luxurious surroundings.

There you have it, three of the most luxurious casinos in the world. Of course, if there are any that you’ve visited that may give these a run for their money we would absolutely love to hear about them in the comments below. For now though, we’ll just keep dreaming of standing around poker tables being served cocktails and winning big. 

By Kate Gallagher Courtesy TheTopTIer Digital Media

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