Armen Sevada’s $25,000 Maximillian ChairTM Launches

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LOS ANGELES, CA. June 1, 2015: Armen Sevada’s limited edition Maximillian Chair is the result of seven years of design innovation, and is constructed of mirror-finish stainless steel; available in a range of luxury fabrics that enhance the chair’s beauty and elegance.

Each piece is welded from stainless steel sheets that are cut with laser precision, and the chair’s [hollow] structure is meticulously designed like a building, with a solid cast appearance. The Maximillian Chair represents Sevada’s dedication, commitment and pursuit for perfection in proportion as well as craftsmanship.

Maximillian Chair 2

“Fine-tuning a timeless chair that needed to be built like a watch was perhaps the hardest part of the process” said Armen Sevada. “My goal is to design objects that are timeless and complete in and of themselves. For me, this is the true test of sustainability: designs that are not governed by style or frivolous form. I wanted to create an object that for me embodied meticulous attention to design proportion and craftsmanship. I wanted to create something that could be as close to a “perfect” chair as possible.”

A limited quantity of 100 chairs will be available worldwide, each with a numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity, priced at $25,000. The chair is manufactured in Los Angeles, handcrafted meticulously by expert artisans. The chair is designed to withstand the effects of moisture, and will not rust or tarnish.


About Armen Sevada
Armen Sevada Gharabegian, designer and producer of the Maximillian Chair, is an accomplished industrial designer based in Los Angeles. He is the founder and principal designer of Lounge22, a modern furniture design and fabrication company, as well as the founder and CEO of Ethos Design, a production company involved in global exhibits and events worldwide. He is an accomplished artist, sculptor and published author who continues to pursue all his passions. A graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, he holds a Master’s degrees in industrial design and has taught furniture design for several years.

Courtesy Adele de Batz, Modern Tonic