Art and personality blend to create the perfect extension of the individual

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Sometimes it is scary how accurate and on the money astrology and horoscopes can be. When it comes to finding your other (or better) half, zodiac signs could make or break the potential nuptial and some believers live their lives solely on the destiny the stars and signs lay out for them.

Now when it comes to fashion, luxury handbags have been all the rage for the better part of the last decade. Prices for the iconic ‘Birkin’ bag have reached ‘astronomical’ levels and there seems to be no letting up on demand for the ultimate fashion accessory.

Fashionistas who love a little art with their style will no doubt want to entertain carrying one of Dubai’s latest luxury handbags from Maison DMD. These beautiful pieces will truly make a statement for the holder by beautifully displaying whichever zodiac sign the owner is. The stunning artwork and colors on high quality leathers is the pinnacle of painstaking craftsmanship and handiwork.

The handbags come with a equally stylish clutch that conveys the owner’s zodiac characteristics on a smaller scale. The clutch is the perfect compliment to any formal gathering that requires while the larger handbag is an excellent day to day accessory.

The ‘Serendipity’ collection hits the runway at Tiffany’s Fashion Week Dubai:

These beautiful handbags are part of Maison DMD’s ART-TO-WEAR concept where luxury and creativity blend to create the ultimate in visual and tactile luxury. From $395 US and available at select high end boutiques in Dubai.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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