Aston Martin debuts the Aston Martin DB11 Volante convertible

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Aston Martin has trodden very carefully with the form of the existing DB11, determined not to mess up that hawkish front end and the neatly detailed tail. The changes, unsurprisingly, are on the rear deck, where the coupe’s ducted c-pillars are no more. With the top down (in an impressive 14 seconds, no less), the Volante can lay convincing claim to being one of the best-looking cars you can buy.

With a big twin-turbo V8 under that clamshell bonnet, the DB11 Volante is also a spirited and sonorous performer, although there’s no getting away from its scale as you nose the car down narrow French lanes. The traditional Aston interior is all present and correct in its tactile, leather-clad wondrousness, although once you’re cued in to the car’s dimensions and dynamics, your focus is on the world outside – especially with the hood down. The steering is quick-witted and the throttle a delight and there’s a supreme restraint in the overall ride quality, making this a perfect cruising machine. You can increase the ferocity of the throttle, the hardness of the ride (and the sound of the exhaust) in stages, should the clouds ever clear and the road surfaces start to look more forgiving to over 500 horsepower being pushed out through the rear wheels.


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