Luxury Slowdown? Try getting a ticket to The Masters…

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Those that partake in the business of luxury know that this particular category is going through some upheaval. Shiny things are slowly becoming passe and the market is showing some wear and tear as luxury brands scramble to recoup lost … Read More

The rugged highlands of Scotland inspire luxury skincare for men – STOER

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Let’s face it. The luxury business has lost some of its luster over the last few years and many categories are seeing major slowdowns as affluent millennials choose to spend their disposable dollars on ‘improvements to the soul’. It’s no … Read More

How Luxury Brands Are Taking Advantage of the UK’s Most Exclusive Sporting Events

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The UK has a rich heritage when it comes to sports, with many of the world’s top sporting encounters taking place on home soil. As is to be expected, these events attract a highly affluent crowd, making them a huge … Read More

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