Backyard Ideas: Elegant Landscape and Patio Décor

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When you have a spacious backyard, you can be sure that you and your family will be spending the majority of the year outside. In spring, we can’t wait for the sun so we soak in warm air and the smell of flowers; in summer we have pool parties and barbecues with friends, and comes fall, we like to sit around a fire, wrapped in a blanket, with a cup of strong tea in our hands. It is only natural that we want our backyard to be neat and elegant, and to achieve that effect, we give you some useful and simple ideas.

Make a patio fire pit


Fire pit

There is nothing quite like sitting by the fire in the chilly night or preparing a delicious barbecue out in the open. This is just one of the reasons why so many people choose to have a nice fire pit installed in their backyard. While some may hesitate to do so, fearing that an ugly fire pit will ruin the look of the yard, there are great, stylish, and elegant designs available today which allow you to pick the fire pit that will go well with the rest of your yard as well as your home. If you don’t think you can afford one, think again – there are affordable and elegant designs which don’t cost a fortune and which you can easily build yourself with some help of a friend.

Build a floating deck

Floating deck

If you have enough space in your garden, you can easily make your own floating deck which will allow you to host some small events as well as family parties. A floating deck is a wonderful choice if you have a corner in your backyard which you’re hoping to redecorate, and you can even build it in your patio or garden. Whatever your choice may be, it will make your yard look more elegant, but it will also be much more functional. You will be able to spend warm summer nights sitting there with your friends, or chilly fall nights wrapped in a warm blanket, sitting on colorful cushions with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands. The best thing is that the design behind a floating deck is incredibly simple, and you can use recycled pallets, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Use lights

String light

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build something if you want to add more elegance to your home’s exterior. You can use what is already there and make it even better: for example, you can use different lighting to decorate trees in your backyard. You can use candles placed in mason jars, Christmas lights, pixie lights, and you can even place string lights or small lanterns around. The more soft light will mean better visibility, but it will also make space look romantic.

Make it look new

If you have a nice backyard already, but still feel like something’s missing, you can try an old trick: paint! Try painting your old patio furniture a bright color, add colorful cushions and tablecloths, buy new pots for your flowers, and a new welcome mat for your door. Sometimes all you need are a few small changes, and space will look brand new in a blink of an eye.

Get a nice pergola

Pergola - composite decking

Getting a pergola is a wonderful way to enhance the look of your yard while still maintaining both its tranquility and privacy. A pergola is much more than just vertical posts on whose top are cross-beams. Wooden, vinyl, as well as aluminum pergolas, are popular today and if you add vines, pixie lights, and flowers to it, you get a structure that looks like it has come from a fair-tale. If you’re hoping to make something really special, you can hire MUSA landscape designer who can create bespoke designs made just for you, and you can be sure that your ideas will be brought to life.


If you were hoping to make your home’s exterior more elegant, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive renovation projects. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can easily transform a dull space into an inviting and cozy one. Find inspiration online or ask someone to help you come up with exciting new ideas, and don’t give up until you make your dreams of a beautiful patio come true.

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