Because He’s Worth It: Best Birthday Gifts for Your Man

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Your husband’s birthday is coming up soon, and you want to surprise him with an extra-special gift that shows how much he means to you. Go all out this year with the following high-end ideas:


Super Bowl Tickets

If your man lives and breathes football, surprise him with tickets to Super Bowl 50, which is scheduled to take place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, in February. Although tickets won’t be available until a couple months before the big game, be sure to bookmark Ticketmaster’s NFL Ticket Exchange website; the site sells authentic tickets to the Super Bowl, so you can rest assured that you are buying genuine tickets from a secure and safe site. If his birthday falls before tickets are available, make two tickets out of card stock and present them to him with a promise of the real thing once they are available. You also can make reservations for a nice hotel that is near the stadium and plan your flights ahead of time.

Fighter Pilot Lessons

Your guy has seen the movie “Top Gun” more times than you can count, and he loves telling you about his favorite scenes over and over. For his birthday, surprise him with fighter pilot lessons from Cloud 9 Living so he can be just like Tom Cruise. Almost all of the flight instructors are former members of the military, and they will have your man learning to do rolls, dog fighting and gliding through the air while at the controls of an incredibly fast fighter plane. No flying experience is required. The SIAI Marchetti aircraft is designed exclusively for air combat maneuvers, and the entire experience is safe and incredibly fun.

High-Performance Driving Lessons

The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving offers lessons that put your man behind the wheel of a 460-horsepower Corvette Z51 C7 Stingray. The Bondurant School is located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, so if you don’t live in the area, arrange a weekend for the two of you to travel to the Valley of the Sun. Stay in a posh hotel in the Scottsdale area, and enjoy all the entertainment and delicious dining choices the city has to offer. During the class, your guy will learn accident avoidance scenarios, skid car time and other maneuvers. The class promises “80 percent seat time,” which means he will have plenty of time behind the wheel.

Avalanche Airbag Pack

If your man loves wintertime hiking, mountain climbing and other outdoor pursuits, the North Face Patrol 24 ABS avalanche airbag pack is a unique way to show how much you support his passion. The backpack, which is available from REI, features an airbag system that helps prevent burial during an avalanche. The pack is comfortable to wear and is necessary for when he heads out to the backcountry during the winter. The backpack also includes pockets where he can store snacks, water and other provisions.

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