Breathtaking UK Accommodation for a Luxury Escape

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Lismore Castle
Lismore Castle

When in the UK, you will surely have an endless selection for luxury accommodation, including those that we will be recommending below. Staying in these places will provide you with a memorable time. You will enjoy lavish rooms and superior service, making every minute count.

Amberley Castle

The idyllic setting of this accommodation is one thing that can convince you to stay here. It will remind you of the places that you used to see in fairy tales. It is located just right next to River Arun, which makes it more magical. The library is one of its best features, which has a relaxing ambiance. You will find it easy to spend the rest of your day just reading a book. The beautiful garden is also an excellent feature of the property, which is also equipped with a putting area. If you want to get active, there is also an on-site tennis and croquet lawn court.

Lake Springs House

Serenity and luxury – these are two of the things that can convince you to stay in the lavish Lake Springs House in the Cotswolds. It has two rooms and can sleep four, making it perfect for a family getaway. All rooms have luxury Egyptian cotton linens. It also has a fully-equipped kitchen, en-suite bathrooms, fire pit, and an outdoor dining area. A 19-foot rowing boat is also available. An optional hot tub can also be used, perfect for spending a romantic evening. Its lakeside location will allow you to live in tranquillity while enjoying the utmost privacy. There is also a private beach. The cottage is also a coveted spot for birdwatching. Indeed, there is never a shortage of activities that you can enjoy during your stay.

Cliveden House


This 17th century stately home is another excellent choice for a lavish escape in the UK. Located in Berkshire, its imposing façade is one of the first things that will make your heart skip a beat. Once you step inside, you will surely fall in love with its luxurious interiors. All rooms and suites are well-decorated to offer five-star accommodation to their guests. The property is a part of a 376 acre estate, which will provide plenty of activities to enjoy, even for kids. The best thing about the Cliveden House is that it overlooks the River Thames!

Lismore Castle

Forget about five-star hotels! Why would you stay there when you can book a castle? Lismore Castle was built in 1185 and until today, it remains a magnificent work of art that makes an excellent pick for a luxury vacation in Ireland. It is a historically rich place, which has hosted numerous families in the past. It can accommodate a total of 27 guests and each bedroom has its own bathroom. There are golf courses and expansive gardens surrounding the castle. If you plan to host intimate events, it has a banqueting capacity of up to 75 people. It also enjoys a convenient location since it is only an hour away from Cork International Airport.

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