BUBEN&ZORWEG among the TOP 25 German Luxury Brands

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BUBEN&ZORWEG Collector's Salon Modules_Les Ambassadeurs Zurich

Coveted, beautiful and innovative! These are the common denominators of the TOP 25 Luxury Brands evaluated by the Influx Institute and EY advisory services company during the 6th Luxury Business Day in Munich, the leading luxury conference in Germany since 2011.

Among the 250 Luxury brands scrutinized by a board of 150 experts on the past 9th of June, BUBEN&ZORWEG debuted directly in the TOP 10%, placing itself among the very finest luxury marques like A. Lange & Söhne, Montblanc, Leica, Porsche or BMW.

The conference organizers identified BUBEN&ZORWEG as the “Top New Entrant to the ranking list… that is impressing watch lovers with a high quality standard, innovation and pioneering work.”

The total score in the ranking consists of a hard (“facts”) and soft (“emotions”) score. The overall ranking is therefore made up of a rational component with rather hard, cognitive criteria and an intuitive component with softer, more emotional criteria. Digitalisation as a megatrend, brand loyalty, personal benefits for consumers and sustainability are also incorporated into the ranking.

Top 25 German Luxury Brands

Florian Huber, a partner at EY, commented that as the ranking for the Top 25 luxury companies in Germany shows, the success of German luxury companies is based on the components of craftsmanship, engineering and design in 2016 too. He went on to say that owner-managed companies in particular are among the climbers.

With the luxury market’s volume in 2015 having increased by five per cent compared to the previous year and therefore having broken through the sales mark of EUR 1 billion, experts are also reckoning on stable figures in 2016, despite global crises and the devaluation of the euro.


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