Camacho Cigars for the true Cigar Lover

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Camacho Cigars are actually one of the best and most loved cigars among smokers. The bold taste, as well as the complexity of the making of the cigars, make it the one that everyone wants to enjoy.

History of Camacho Cigars all began in 1961 that was established by Simon Camacho. The Eiroa family has quite a bit to do with the flavor of the first Camacho cigars as they were also living in Cuba and growing tobacco. The wife and three sons were made to leave Cuba and landed in Tampa, Florida. One of the sons, Julio went to Honduras in 1963 to strike a deal that aided in laying the foundation of the cigars you enjoy today once the tobacco plantations began creating tobacco for the Camacho brand.

Today, the main location of the creation of these unique cigars is in Danli, Honduras. The handmade Cuban seed cigars are still among the best tasting cigar if you are looking for that bold flavor that will give you exactly what you desire in a good smoke.

Simon Camacho was originally from Cuba but in 1961 began the cigar business in Miami and quickly it became one of the most popular cigars, not only in the United States but also across the globe. Even Winston Churchill enjoyed this cigar, so consider that while you breathe in the flavor and aroma of this handmade cigar.

There are different cigars created under the Camacho Brand include the LegendArio, Outdoorsman, La Fontana, La Fontana Consigliere, and the LegendArio Connecticut. However, Camacho also has premium brands that include Room 101 San Andres, Camacho SLR Maduro, Camacho Havana, and other along with ultra-premium brands such as Camacho Triple Maduro.

What draws cigar smokers to the Camacho cigar is the earthy finish and deep flavor that reminds smokers of the taste of Havana including the atmosphere that it creates. The cigar is considered to be mild to full in strength and is 3 ¾ inches to 7 inches in length. The most popular in the brand include Camacho Powerband, Camacho Criollo, Camacho Diploma, Camacho Corojo, Camacho American Barrel Aged, Camacho Triple Maduro, Camacho Connecticut, Camacho Ecuador, Camacho Liberty, and B. G. Meyer.

The cigars are packaged in boxes, 2 boxes, sampler packs, stick, small cigars, and 2-fer. You can choose 7 different brands that offer American broadleaf wrapper, 17 with Connecticut wrapper, 18 with Corojo wrapper, 14 with Criollo wrapper, 35 with Habano wrapper, 24 with Maduro wrapper, and 2 with natural wrapper.

No matter if you are a cigar smoker or you have a friend that loves a cigar with deep flavor, you are sure to find the perfect box or type of cigar that will be the best flavored cigar you will find on the market today. If you have a few cigar smokers on your gift list, I would certainly check into Camacho cigars even if you only buy a sampler pack, you will be giving a present that will be well appreciated by a cigar enthusiast.

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