How Harrods Stays British While Bending Backwards for Chinese Shoppers

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Consumers are seeing it from the likes of Shanghai’s new mega-sized Starbucks and Tokyo’s iconic Dover Street Market—it’s called “destination retailing” and now, London’s luxury shopping mecca, Harrods, is making adaptations to its Knightsbridge store to capitalize on the trend. … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About About Inheriting Luxury Property

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Bereavement is an awful thing that we will all experience at some point in our lives. Inheriting luxury property is a bitter-sweet experience and there will be a lot of questions on your mind during this period of time. Typically, … Read More

EU lets luxury brands block goods from Amazon

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Cosmetics firm Coty won the right not to have its name associated with Amazon. Luxury brands in Europe have won the right to block sales of their products online if they feel it damages their image. An EU court ruled … Read More

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