Luxury Web Battle Looms as LVMH, Hugo Boss Develop E-Commerce

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(Bloomberg) — As department stores and publishers join the ranks of those offering luxury goods online, they’re running into a new breed of competitor: makers of the designer clothing, handbags and accessories they sell. The shift is making the Internet … Read More

Yoox gets go-ahead to create world’s largest luxury goods website as Italian authorities allow it to buy Net-A-Porter

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The Italian Securities and Exchange Commission has given its approval for a merger that will create the world’s largest online luxury goods website. Italian e-retailer Yoox has been given the green light to buy Net-A-Porter, which was founded by the … Read More

Leather Handbags and Belts Inspire New Luxury Headphones

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For the determinedly accessorized, PRYMA headphones inspired by handbags and belts launch on Friday, Oct. 2. Starting at $499, PRYMA headphones feature a high-quality Italian leather strap and a belt buckle-like attachment that connects the headband to the ear cups. They are available in five distinct designs: … Read More

Fall Fashion Finds

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There is just something enchanting about the fall season when the foliage turns gorgeous hues, the air is crisp, seasonal foodstuffs re-appear and football season is in full swing. It also signifies a proverbial changing of the closet guard—the perfect … Read More

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