Aman announces 22 Day Private Jet Expedition Across Nine Countries

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Continuing to redefine the concept of luxury travel, Aman has launched an exclusive Private Jet Expedition with the world’s foremost luxury travel designer, Remote Lands from 15 April to 6 May 2018. This extraordinary journey will see just 16 guests … Read More

These are the five trends shaping the future of luxury travel

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The evolving definitions of ‘luxury’ and ‘status’ are changing the preferences and expectations of service from high-end travellers, says Sabre Corporation in its recently-released The Future of Luxury Travel. According to the report, published in collaboration with TrendWatching, travellers want … Read More

Plenty of legroom on 777 tailored for the world’s richest

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Luxury travel firm Crystal Cruises takes delivery of its first VIP jetliner, a Boeing 777, its extravagant interior designed by Greenpoint Technologies of Kirkland. On commercial airlines today, traveling in coach is a pain, while the wealthy are well looked … Read More

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