Travel survey reveals millennials prefer investing in experiences rather than luxury

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Some of the top domestic destinations are Goa and Manali, while internationally, the top destinations are Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and UK, said the survey. When it comes to holidaying, millennials are prioritising rich experiences and exploration of the unknown … Read More

This luxury hotel brand has the highest approval rating among wealthy guests

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When it comes to satisfying the demands of the world’s wealthiest, high maintenance travelers, the Ritz-Carlton hotel brand is tops. That’s according to a global survey that polled 3,900 consumers from seven countries around the world who represent the top … Read More

Three Best Ways to Tour the City of Vancouver, Canada

People come to Vancouver for many reasons, including a departure or arrival from a cruise, to experience the sheer beauty of the place—-with mountains, connected to the sea, for the excellent food—with every gourmet or ethnic option available, and for the … Read More

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