Chase The Eclipse In A Private Jet

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While the hoi-polloi scrambles around like ants on the ground to experience just a few minutes of totality, VistaJet has a better idea. Why not start in Oregon and follow the moon as it blocks the sun from coast-to-coast.

Experience totality from coast to coast.

Because it’s a private jet, the entire experience is bespoke, of course. Get picked up from anywhere on the planet and request meal service from a top restaurant in any city across the globe. Follow totality from Oregon to South Carolina or select just part of the country. Planes hold up to 14 guests, or really experience exactly how insignificant you are in the universe by flying solo. To keep comfortable during your viewing party, VistaJet offers cashmere blankets, custom-fitted skysleeper mattresses, hypoallergenic feather duvets, organic skincare products and brushed cotton pajamas. But really, I don’t advise taking this event lying down — especially since pricing starts at $12,500 per hour.  Instead enjoy the stand-cabins, perhaps with a tequila sunrise (though I’d recommend Nicolas Feuillatte brut rosé).

Bring up to 13 friends, or revel in the stand up cabin and contemplate the vastness of the universe alone.

“Our customers expect the most unique opportunities and the highest level of service, and the chance to chase this once in a lifetime happening on one of our jets is truly an experience to remember,” said Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman of VistaJet in a press release. “It’s important to provide the extraordinary for our clients, and this opportunity amplifies optimal viewing potential of the spectacle up in the sky.”

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