Chivas Regal targets traveling gentlemen via $12K steamer trunk

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Scotch whiskey distiller Chivas Regal has collaborated with British luggage maker Globe-Trotter to create three collectibles for the traveling, whiskey-drinking gentlemen. Inspired by a passion for travel that defines both brands, the Chivas 12 “Made for Gentlemen” collectibles have been handcrafted by Globe-Trotter and will be displayed in its London storefront beginning on Oct. 5.

The largest of the collectibles, a steamer trunk, will go on the auction block to benefit The Prince’s Trust.

Sightseers’ delight
The first collectible in the limited-edition series is the Chiva 12 Made for Gentlemen by Globe-Trotter gift tin that houses a bottle of Chivas 12 blended Scotch whiskey. The $43 tin tells a tale of international travel inspired by the tradition of placing stickers on luggage as a way to “humblebrag” about visited destinations.

The burgundy fiberboard case includes wooden handles, brushed brass hardware and an interior leather plaque marking the collaboration.


Globe-Trotter’s Chivas Regal trolley case 

A testament to Globe-Trotter’s craftsmanship is the Chivas 12 Made for Gentlemen by Globe-Trotter Steamer Trunk, an original design created for the charitable aspect of the collaboration. Described as the “ultimate collectible for the modern gentlemen that travels,” the trunk is timeless and recalls the “stylish high-octane travel of years gone by.”

The trunk includes compartments crafted to store a gentlemen’s belongings such as shoes, a watch drawer with space for up to eight timepieces, leather covered hangers as well as a mini bar with mirrored back to serve Chivas Regal Scotch whiskey. The handmade steamer trunk uses American white oak to trim its drawers and includes a liner merging the symbols of both brands in addition to a hand engraved copper plaque made from a retired whisky still.

Although intended for charity, the steamer trunk can also be produced by special order. The retail selling price is $18,597.

In a statement, Richard Black, global brand director for Chivas Regal, said, “There are many synergies in [Chivas and Globe-Trotters’] values and approach to craft. Modern gentlemen are constantly on the lookout for authentic, stylish experiences and products wherever they are in the world and we believe the three limited-editions we co-created with Globe-Trotter could be a passport to just these types of experiences.”

Made for Gentlemen by Globe-Trotter: The Making Of

A similar effort inspired by travel was put forth by British menswear label Alfred Dunhill and Scotch whiskey maker Johnnie Walker.

Released in 2013, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited-edition collection by Alfred Dunhill was a collection of British-inspired gifts in addition to a designer bottle inspired by both brands’ journeys from Britain to all over the world.

Items included a limited-edition bottle, a whiskey funnel, engraved crystal glasses, a pair of ice tongs and a Dunhill hunter flask (see story).

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