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DarbyMade celebrates craftsmanship in the lead up to London Craft Week 3rd -7th May. The brands mission is to keep timeless crafts alive, making people aware of the skill and craftsmanship gone into making each product. The journey of the product is very important, from the sourcing of materials to the craftsmen themselves. Combining its passion for craft by demonstrating notable heritage and unique creativity, DarbyMade shares the convention of its gifts and restores the link between the hands that love making quality products and those that love the feel of quality products. Highlighting the level of skill and quality gone into making every product, the online gift retailer encourages consumers to learn about the unrivalled craftsmanship in every one of its products and so wish to uncover the secrets behind the world of DarbyMade.

The journey of a product and the story behind the making of each one is key to the brand’s ethos. Considering the rise of fast fashion, DarbyMade’s vision is to bring awareness to the heritage and skills found in factories that still exist today. Craft week is an imperative time of year, as the brand symbolises the philosophy that surrounds the annual event. Working with over 20 British suppliers and manufacturers, the craftsmen that DarbyMade supports play a vital part in driving awareness to inspire future generations to learn more about the underappreciated trade. Still in its early stages, over coming years and as the brand develops, the goal is to introduce a program of placing apprentices with its makers, therefore ensuring traditional skills are passed on for the benefit of future generations.

DarbyMade founder Paul Jardine shares his thoughts on Craft Week and the importance of craft:

“As a company dedicated to celebrating the value of true craftsmanship over the value of a brand name, DarbyMade always enjoys London Craft Weeks spotlight on the passion of those individuals who dedicate their lives to creating the finest items of their kind.

This years’ programme stands out because of the array of talented individuals opening their worlds to the public, from legends such as leather designer Bill Amberg to exciting young makers such as Ben Edmunds of Blok knives.”

Offering a carefully curated range of handmade gifts from knife sets to tweed flat caps, the diversity in products available take a mass of different skills to make. DarbyMade not only admires but supports these craftsmen in an age where the threat of fast fashion is causing their demise. Traces of these skills exist in all the products, including those made and supplied by Fox Umbrellas and Mustard Ties.

Fox Umbrellas

Fox Umbrellas (Fox Umbrellas) has been hand making umbrellas in the traditional way since 1868.  This family run business managed by Paul and John Garrett, is one of the few remaining makers of premium solid stick walking umbrellas, crafted by a small team of specialists at their workshop in Croydon.

Their quality and attention to detail is incomparable, due to the expertise and proficiency of the hand workers, whom unlike modern manufacturers do not use machinery.

Mustard Ties/Vanners

Weaved in the Vanners’ 225-year-old Suffolk mill in Sudbury, the ties are made from ultra-premium 350 end silk. The high level of silk quality used for the ties is so exceptional, the European Union gives special protection that the only silk weaved in Sudbury can carry the mark ‘Sudbury Silk’. Using the silk to then make the ties, Mustard Ties is made up of a small, award winning team of expert cutters/machinists that are bound together for their superior quality in workmanship. With an average 20 years’ experience each, they are one of the most experienced teams of tie makers in the world. Possessing such a prominent heritage, they share an understanding of both the art and the science behind tie-making, which has earned them the approval of leading fashion houses across the world.

Fox Umbrellas and Mustard Ties are just two out of the growing list of manufacturers that are supported by DarbyMade. The rare tradition and quality of craftsmanship shown by both manufacturers, is just a tiny insight into the creativity and talent that go into making some of the brands’ bespoke products. DarbyMade was born to keep timeless crafts alive, by carefully sourcing craftspeople in the UK and pairing them with the highest quality raw materials – creating products that people can treasure for lifetimes. Overall the brands’ aim is to elevate people’s knowledge of traditional craft, enable skills to be carried on through generations and help craftspeople expand their own businesses.

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