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Luxury jewelry is a big part of what completes a high end ensemble. If you are into fashion, you understand the importance of ‘accessorizing’. Luxury brands make their livings with accessories as demand for luxury fashion continues to grow. As an important part of the luxury category, we jumped at the chance to connect with designer Toby Lynn, owner of Toby Lynn Gems. Her designs are unique and her influences are valued in fashion and celebrity circles. See her pieces on Pinterest here. More from Toby Lynn:


Toby Lynn Gems specializes in bold statement pieces. Each design is a unique piece based upon her inspiration from the periods of Art Deco, Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau,Georgian and Modernism. Toby uses precious and semi precious stones, crystals, sterling silver, 14kt and 18kt gold. Most pieces are one of a kind and limited edition. Toby Lynn Gems is about drama, color, and making a woman feel special.


“Jewelry, to me is an extension of fashion, beauty and art. It is more than just metal and stones. It helps women express who they are. Certain colors and metals bring out and enhance a woman’s eye color and skin tone. There is great beauty in juxtaposed materials like lace, crystals, and rubies that can bring out warmth in the skin and a sparkle in the eye. Jewelry can also be used to distract from and correct flaws: A great choker can distract from a less than perfect neck and draw attention to the woman’s more perfect assets such as her eyes or cheekbones.”



13644057483_d575e62549_qToby Lynn Gems is the Brainchild of Toby Fischer. Ms Fischer is a long time member of the Fashion Community. She started her career as a journalist covering fashion and lifestyle In the United States and Abroad. Fischer grew up in a family immersed in the world of fashion; surrounded by designers. production and business people. When most children were playing with toys she was playing with luscious rare fabrics, jewelry trims, crystals and buttons. Ms Fischer went on to write the best selling book “Dress Code” (Understanding The Hidden Messages Behind Women’s Clothing Choices) It was published by Random House and her dear friend and mentor the late Geraldine Stutz of Henri Bendel Fame.

Ms Fischer is a long time collector of antique textiles, jewelry and clothing, she started collecting in her grandmother’s and mothers closets and jewelry boxes. Ms Fischer began designing pieces for the theatre and special red carpet events. Soon afterwards, she started receiving requests for one of kind custom pieces. It took off from there.

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