Doron Levy joins CertiStay’s Marketing Committee bringing social media and marketing expertise to the #sharingeconomy

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TheTopTier Digital Media is proud to announce the appointment of Doron Levy to the marketing committee of CertiStay, a new player in the shared and short term accommodation category.

The dominant trend in travel over the last few years has been demand for localized experiences and that has caused an explosion in the residential short term rental business. Platforms like Airbnb have brought shared accommodations and short term rentals to the masses via easy to use and mobile apps and interfaces. This explosion has spawned another industry that offers peace of mind to owners of properties and guests seeking out those types of localized accommodations and experiences. CertiStay is a third party platform that has established baseline criteria for safety and security for both owners and guests in the short term rental market.

Mr. Levy’s role as Operations and Content Director for TTTDM will translate well to his responsibilities on the marketing committee for CertiStay.

“A strong social media presence is important for brands now more than ever. The travel business is one of a handful of industries that really benefits from a strong social media marketing vehicle. Travellers can immediately connect ‘the sharing economy’ with social media and will easily identify with CertiStay’s mission and benefits the platform offers. Property owners who truly know the business understand the need to build rapport with existing and potential guests. CertiStay delivers that confidence and peace of mind the travel sharing economy needs.”  Doron Levy – TheTopTier Digital Media

Mr. Levy takes on his marketing role at CertiStay effective immediately and joins other experienced operators on the team.

“Doron brings a substantial amount of real world marketing technique to the table and we are looking forward to utilizing his expertise to increase CertiStay’s credibility in the business.” Wolf Worster – CertiStay

CertiStay is currently taking reservations to participate as an equity shareholder through the FrontFundr crowdfunding platform. CertiStay’s experienced management team includes travel and business veterans, Terry Jones, David Milller, Salil Munjal and Alex Clark.


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