Easy Upgrades to Make Your Car Look More Sleek and Luxurious

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What does it take to make your car as sleek and luxurious as a Mercedes or BMW? While some owners spend thousands of dollars on trim kits and hood scoops, there are better, simpler and more affordable ways to improve your ride. These are just a few ways to give your car more luxury on the road.

Wheels and Tires

If done correctly, wheels and tires can positively transform the look of your car. You’ve seen the other side of that coin, where the wheels and tires are worth more than the car on which they sit. Wheels and tires should complement the look of your ride, not overwhelm or clash with it.

To achieve this fine balance, find a pair of wheels that are classic and subtle, but also unique to your vehicle. If your vehicle is a light color, such as white or gray, consider a pair of matte black wheels. Likewise, try chrome or alloy wheels for navy, black and other dark-colored vehicles.

Furthermore, investing in 18- to 19-inch wheels is a good size for most coupes and sedans, while 20-plus-inch wheels work for most full-size trucks. Once you find the right wheels, shop around for good all-season, all-terrain tires to match your rims. Low-profile tires look fantastic on coupes and sedans, while more robust tire designs give trucks and SUVs an aggressive look.


When was the last time your car underwent a good detail? For many people, that answer is never. However, a quality external detail not only protects your paint from sun, dirt, grime and rust, but it also keeps your car looking brand new. Whether it’s your local dealership or a full-service car wash that you trust, invest in these services to keep your ride looking fresh on the road:

  • Full-Service Car Wash: Sending your ride through this type of car wash will make it look fresh and clean beyond merely running it through the traditional assembly line.
  • Polish: Splurging for this light agitator will help buff down scuffs and scratches from your paint.
  • Wax: Applying a temporary protective coat will make your paint look shiny and new.
  • Seal: Administering this protectant — a step above a wax — offers the same look and can last several months.
  • Undercoat: Applying this layer of paint prevents rust from forming on your car’s frame.
  • Engine Bay Cleaning: Investing in a detail of your car’s engine and compartment bay is popular amongst owners who participate in car shows.

Pay for a good detail once annually and your ride will consistently look brand new on the road.

Window Tint

Applying a window tint offers more than just sun protection. In fact, tinting your windows can cool down your ride significantly and is an absolute must in Southern California, the Southwest and other parts of the country with constant sunshine. A reasonable level of window tint — know how dark you can go according to your state’s laws — gives your car a luxurious look that typically comes stock with high-end sedans, like BMWs and Mercedes. Ask you local dealer about window tint prices, which usually run between $100 and $200.

LED Headlights

High-end luxury cars now use stock LED headlights that give off a more blueish tint to provide you a brighter view while on the road. While these headlights are stock in more expensive cars, you can easily buy them from aftermarket retailers and install them in your own vehicle.

Coilovers and Suspension

While SUV and truck owners do everything to get more ground clearance, coupe and sedan owners looking for a sleeker ride go in the opposite direction. Front and rear shock coilovers are the perfect way to shave a few inches off your ride height while also gaining a stiffer suspension to get better traction on the road. This is a more costly upgrade — some kits cost more than $1,000 — but it’s the only upgrade in this list that completely transforms both your vehicle’s look and ride performance.

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