ELEQT, The Social Discovery Network For Luxury Lifestyle Launches in Chicago At The Prestigious I|O Godfrey Lounge at the Godfrey Hotel

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Monday, September 21, 2015:// ELEQT, a global leader in exclusive social networking for people who discover life in style, today announced its launch of ELEQT-Chicago. ELEQT- Chicago will join an expanding list of ELEQT-cities worldwide including Amsterdam, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, São Paulo, and Singapore. ELEQT-Chicago will host its inaugural event on the 22nd of September at the I|O Godfrey Lounge, the award-winning rooftop bar of the Godfrey Hotel in the River North neighborhood of Chicago.

ELEQT Grand Launch Chicago

ELEQT is an exclusive social discovery network for trendsetters in style and business. ELEQT brings privacy, trust and relevance back to social networking by offering a trusted platform, via www.ELEQT.com, on which members can connect with their peers around the world and discover fascinating people to meet, things to do, places to go, trends to follow and thoughts shared.

During the Chicago launch event, guests will be able to indulge complimentary cocktails from a specially crafted menu as they socialize with business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, celebrities and other influential figures while enjoying the sweeping vistas of the Chicago skyline. The evening will feature complimentary drinks from Ketel One for ELEQT members between 7:00 – 8:00pm. The event promises to create an ideal platform for guests to mix with like-minded and fellow style & business enthusiasts who follow and lead luxury lifestyles. Attending guests will become founding members of ELEQT in Chicago and will shape the ELEQT community and event calendar for their city.

“We are delighted to debut ELEQT in Chicago,” says Co-Founder and COO of ELEQT Ltd., Ronald de la Fuente-Saez. “ELEQT continues to gain momentum in North America through strategic partnerships in top-tier cities like Chicago. We think Chicago is a natural fit for the premium social networking experience that ELEQT offers. We look forward to growing our network here and welcoming Chicago’s impassioned luxury audience to our online platform and upcoming invitation-only events in the near future.”

“Chicago is a world class city, and I’m thrilled for our members worldwide to see it showcased through such a fantastic event. I’m also looking forward to introducing the finest Chicagoans to such an impactful network,” said Laine McDonnell, Chapter Manager for Chicago and host of the September launch event. “This is just the beginning too. The founding members will experience many exclusive events in the months to come that will make Chicago a prime destination for our network.”

Godfrey 4

Attendees are also invited to take a test ride in Tesla Motors’ exclusive Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan which sets the standard for 21st century performance. Designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle, Model S provides unprecedented range and a thrilling drive experience. Tesla Product Specialists will be on site. Test rides will be available on a first come, first served basis.

The Godfrey Hotel Chicago graciously offers a 20% discount for room reservations on the night of the event made by members of ELEQT.

ELEQT, Inc. is committed to rolling out to more world capitals and cities in the months ahead to ensure people can access their network for recommendations, tips and advice regarding trends and lifestyle from fellow professionals all around the globe. ELEQT is investing heavily in its network, and is continually upgrading its online community to better serve its members and partners.

Members can register for the ELEQT Grand Launch Chicago at www.ELEQT.com/chicago. Non-members who are interested in attending the launch event, can request a trial membership at www.ELEQT.com.

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  1. Leunamme
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    Indeed choosing Chicago to be one of the pioneering cities in America is a very wise decision for ELEQT. The city’s social impact is known globally that is why it will be easy for this launching to expand its horizon just from the citizens of Chicago. The goal of the company is in line with the global demand and need for social media interaction. This will be perfect for everyone and will truly create a major impact in the social network community. For more ideas on social networking, watch for the upcoming Social Discovery Conference in London this coming October 14, 2015 and visit this link – http://socialdiscovery.org.

  2. Ira Caullene Gatan
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    What an awesome event it is! ELEQT will introduce an online platform about business and fashion. ELEQT Inc. is a social discovery network for fashion and business elites. Nowadays, the innovation of Multi-media platform is very important in any businesses. Due to stiff competition from different sectors of industries, business owners are getting more creative in ways to connect with various people/consumer to gather information and build public relation. Social media platforms have been an effective tool that caters consumers and business leaders. And it is very crucial in any business operation as it represents the public image of a company as well.
    Social Discovery.org will be having an upcoming conference on October 14, 2015 in London. Delegates will be coming from different sectors of industries. Everyone who would like to participate can register in http://socialdiscovery.org. This conference will tackle about timely business related issues and will also discuss the importance of strengthening the marketing strategy of a company or business industry and other related issues in e-commerce.

  3. Tiffany Joy Barrientos
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    Socializing and setting events for such is vital in today’s modern world of interaction. Chicago, being selected as a venue for the lauching of ELEQT is a good choice for the exchange of ideas in regards to new platforms and business related innovations, and the like. For an entrepreneur like me, this would be a great way to indulge in conversing and meeting like-minded individuals. With cocktails from splendid menu that’s served to entertain famously brilliant people, this event is guaranteed as a success.
    There’s also one upcoming business conference for CEOs. It’s a great venue to discuss technologies, investments, business ideas, and new tools. For interested participants, just visit this link http://socialdiscovery.org.com
    to register. This conference by socialdiscovery.org will be held on London, October 14, 2015. So register now!

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