Eyes on the Prize: Four In-Demand Cars for 2017

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Self-driving vehicles, capable of getting you wherever you need to go. Electric cars that look amazing and can hold a charge for hundreds of miles. Fast and sleek cars powered by a purring V-8 engine.

These are just a few of the most highly anticipated cars for 2017.

While we might only be halfway through 2016, vehicle enthusiasts are already eagerly anticipating what might be coming around the corner. Check out these sexy, cutting-edge vehicles already getting a lot of attention:

Apple’s Self-Driving Car

Apple has been rather coy about its self-driving car, notes Fortune, but the tech giant has made some tangible strides toward making its innovative vehicle a reality in the near future. Apple has reportedly hired top Tesla executive Chris Porritt, who served as VP of vehicle engineering, and has looked into acquiring 800,000 square feet of space in the Bay Area for testing.

While self-driving vehicles are exceptionally rare, Apple’s plans are creating a lot of buzz in the car community. One reason self-driving cars are so rare is that while our country’s tech industry moves along at breakneck speed, our legal system does not move as quickly.

If you’re interested in being among the first on your block to own a driverless car, it might be worth visiting and/or researching states like Florida, which are pioneering driverless car laws. Because each state is unique in terms of its self-driving car laws and legislations, be sure to stay up to date on the latest safe-driving practices and rules of the road.

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Motors does a great job of taking an electric motor and placing it in a vehicle that looks amazing. The Model 3, available in late 2017, will offer an impressive 215 miles of range per charge at the relatively affordable base price of $35,000. The Model 3 will not only have that eye-candy look, but will also offer plenty of performance in a spacious vehicle, including the ability to go from zero to 60 mph in a speedy six seconds, offer seating for five adults, and boasting a five-star safety rating.

BMW 5-Series/M5


There are plenty of reasons why MSN lists the 2017 BMW 5-Series/M5 as one of 25 cars worth the wait. The redesigned sports sedan, for instance, will lose its uber heavy image for a more athletic and lighter look and feel. The vehicle’s platform will be made from a mix of steel, carbon fiber and aluminum to keep its weight down and performance up, and the M5 will keep its current and powerful V-8 engine with an added boost of 600-plus horsepower. The 5-Series will also add four-wheel drive to its fleet of vehicles, which will improve its already-impressive acceleration power.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan


Poised to take on the stylish and sexy German vehicle market, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Sedan looks like it has the appearance, quality and engineering necessary to take on the automotive big boys and sell well in America. The mid-sized sports sedan will be similar in size and price to the BMW 3-series, and will include a steel frame, north-south powertrain configuration for both rear and four-wheel drive, and a new family of engines that includes a 3.0 liter V-6. The vehicle, which should arrive in late 2017, is expected to start around $40,000.

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