Fairmont and BMW team up to take guests through Canadian Rockies

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Fairmont-Lake-Louise-1Canadian chain Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is taking its guests through the Albertan mountains to show off its properties.

The hotelier and BMW Canada worked together to take fives guests on an “Ultimate Rockies Road Trip” through a series of Fairmont properties in the automaker’s new X5 and X3 models. A destination-oriented campaign will convey the Fairmont properties as being group destinations that entail experiences beyond merely staying in the hotel.

There is no denying the thrill of being in a vehicle designed to deliver the ultimate in luxury, performance, and power,” said Jane Mackie, vice president of the Fairmont brand. “[BMW] is exactly the type of car you need to traverse the terrain of the Canadian Rockies.

“It was important for us to show that when traveling on road trips you can be an active driver or sit back and take in the sights,” she said. “In this series this came to life by pairing adventurous Canadian athletes with photographers inspired to capture the sights through their unique lens.”

Mountains upon mountains
The participants in the Ultimate Rockies Road trip were 2010 Bobsleigh Olympic silver medalist and six-time World Cup champion Helen Upperton, 2012 FIBT World Championships silver medalist bobsledder Jesse Lumsden, 2012 Summer Olympics bronze medalist swimmer Brent Hayden and photographers Callum Snape and Taylor Michael Burk.

The brands have created a pair of videos to share the journey. The first begins with a series of landscape shots before introducing the viewer to the city of Banff, Alberta.

Fairmont Banff Springs
Fairmont Banff Springs

There, the group is first seen driving and posing for photos on the hood of the vehicle, with cutaways to mountain views and wildlife punctuating the shots of driving. Shots of the Fairmont Banff Springs also feature heavily, with shots of the spa and indoor pool in addition to exteriors.

At the end, the group again hits the road and the viewer is encouraged to “share your adventure” using #FairmontHotels and #BMWLifeX. Throughout the video, tweets the athletes and photographers made during their journey are shown in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, showing that they were excited and involved in the trip to provide it an air of authenticity.

“The Ultimate Rockies Road Trip: Part 1”

The second video takes place at and around the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta. It begins with a series of shots of the hotels lobby and interiors and then shows the group driving to the slopes, where they find time for skiing and Instagramming.

Fairmont Lake Louise
Fairmont Lake Louise

Once again, the video concludes with the group driving off in the X3, suggesting that another video is still to come.

Promoting their properties as destinations in short, fun and easily shareable videos could spur interest in some of the hotel’s properties. In addition, promoting #FairmontMoments as fun, energetic group experiences helps to paint a clearer picture of the brand for consumers that may discover the videos through social media.

Destination Fairmont
The campaign aligns with Fairmont’s recent findings regarding the importance of connecting with a property as more than a place to stay.

Travelers place an enormous weight on concocting a psychological connection to a destination, according a new report by Weinman Schnee Morais Inc. commissioned by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

“Luxury Insights Report: Stewardship of Iconic and Historic Buildings” is the first in a new series of research reports focusing on current trends in luxury travel that Fairmont will undertake. The series of reports will help Fairmont and other hoteliers check their strengths and weaknesses against consumer desires (see story).

Fairmont’s marketing has also taken a more direct approach in recent months.

In February, the chain shined a light on some of its most lavish and expensive suites to both awe and inspire guests to book.

The year-long campaign includes the launch of an online hub where consumers can explore the most notable accommodations Fairmont has to offer, which have everything from unrivaled views to personalized services. This initiative may spur guests to elevate their stays with Fairmont, as they realize what potential lies beyond the suite doors (see story).

Fairmont is all about connecting guests to the destination and helping to create genuine connections,” Ms. Mackie said. “Many Fairmont guests are adventurous and so this series conveys the excitement of adventure, especially when traveling within an iconic destination like the Canadian Rockies.”

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