Five Ways to Introduce Nature Into Your Home

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Nature can be a great source of comfort, with studies showing that being exposed to nature de-stresses us and allows us to relax! This isn’t surprising given how being on a large beach looking out into the endless sea or standing in the middle of an empty field looking up at the sky can put your own life into perspective! If you’re a nature lover, introducing nature into your home can seem like the obvious thing to do – but how to you execute it perfectly? If you don’t have a garden, just have a small garden, or you just want to bring more of the outdoors in; here are five ways you can bring nature into your living space.

Plants and Flowers

The first, most obvious option is to purchase some freshly cut flowers or plants and place these around your home. This is an instant easy way that to introduce more green into your home and doesn’t cost too much to do. Shop at local markets or value supermarkets in order to get the best deals on your flowers. To find out what plant you prefer, it’s worth going to a garden centre to shop around a see what would be best for your home. Make sure you research how to keep your plants and flowers alive for longer to get the most out of them!

Wallpaper and Paint

If living plants and flowers are too much upkeep or you don’t see the value in them, you can easily create a space involving them – you just have to get creative! Research particular paints and wallpaper that feature nature. Paint a feature wall in colours such as blues and greens and accessorize with hanging pictures of your favourite nature scenes or pressed flowers for a delicate touch. Choose wallpapers for a feature wall that include floral patterns, or if you want to go bolder, there are wallpapers made from photographs that feature tree trunks, forest scenes or beach landscapes for the ultimate getaway.

Grow Your Own

If you have green fingers and are interested in getting involved in gardening, why not start growing some plants, or even fruits and vegetables in a corner of your garden yourself? Start small and you will get better with time if you’re not confident! There are plenty of growing guides out there which can help you with your gardening if you need some advice on getting things right. There’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own produce and cooking it yourself, or picking some freshly cut flowers from your own garden! An indoor Herb Garden is a great way to get crafty in the house and would make the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. Hang rows of buckets up in your home on hooks or a bar and create your own herb garden corner in your home. This is not only attractive for your home, but also practical and will be a great addition to your kitchen for years to come! You can introduce more herb buckets over time as you experiment with more flavours.

Shells, Sand and Pebbles

If you’re a beach lover or if you have children who love to collect shells and pebbles when they go to the seaside, you can introduce seaside-inspired items into your home easily! Display impressive shells or stones in wooden cabinets, or sit large shells in certain places around your home for an impressive feature home accessory. Hang some coastal pictures up to link everything together and you will have recreated the feel of the ocean in your home in a few simple steps.

Wooden Features

Nothing brings nature into your home more than having wooden furniture and wooden features. Introduce oak, pine or beech furniture for a real rustic touch and as an easy way to make the space feel more natural. You can even incorporate panelled wooden feature walls into your home in order to create that cosiness and give it a rustic feel. Authentic wooden shelves also look great if you don’t want to introduce too much, but like the features of it.

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