Formula 1 precision translates into a high performance razor

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Formula 1 race cars use engines the truly push the limits of physics. Operating at speeds close to 15,000 rotations per minute, one can imagine the added physical and temperature stress that the car’s components must endure over hundreds of miles. Team engineers pull out all the stops when building components that are cutting edge in materials and technology to withstand constant punishment.

JP Razors has embraced the the engineering and design language of F1 race cars with the launch of the RB-No5 Titanium Razor.

The ultimate in bespoke luxury accessories, this distinguished razor set is limited to only 5 units world wide as the parts are very rare.

An F1 class titanium torsion bar provides the shaft and F1 carbon fiber is used for the stylized base. The highly machined metal gleams and is perfectly balanced for precise control and closeness.

Potential owners can specify a flat or safety razor configuration and can also choose the aggressiveness of the head.

JP Razors has combined high tech materials with old world craftsmanship elevating this set to a truly unique status. Created in collaboration with Racing Gold, a specialist in original F1 components and Lancelot Lancaster White, a luxury design and gift company, owners can be assure of high quality standards and authenticity.

Available directly from the manufacturer. For more information please visit JP Razors.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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