France’s zChocolat is the ultimate Valentine’s Day indulgence

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time for lovers to ramp up their expressions of desire and the great Republic of France has given us 2 necessary things for Valentine’s Day, the art of seduction and zChocolat.

For 2018, zChocolat unveils the Sapphire Gift Box for the season.

The experience starts with the box

The set arrived securely packed and in zChocolat’s traditional lace up pouch. A customized gift card and the zChocolat ‘blackbook’ are contained in slot in the front. The comprehensive manual teases with all of zChocolat’s unique creations.

A classic black raised motif adorns the high quality wrapping paper and the stamped wax seal proudly shows the Z logo. Even unwrapping the package invokes a certain euphoria (especially to admitted chocoholics).

The Sapphire collection is delivered in a superbly crafted wooden keepsake box and the recipient will immediately notice the large gold key on the lid. Presumably granting access to one’s heart? A  brass engravable name plate and brass latch compliment the colour of the wood and deliver an elevated sense of sophistication.

zChocolat is fiercely proud of the heritage of their confections and flipping up the lid reveals the inside pack crested by 2 straps done in the official French flag colors. If that’s not a statement, a clear sheet indicates clearly: A Product of France.

The perfect collection for romance

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and the Sapphire Gift Box continues the tradition and the that special person will be visually treated to 12 perfectly arranged hearts in contrasting shades of white, dark brown, light brown and red. Each chocolate has its own distinct flavor and personality while the Toquade stands out as our favorite with it’s intersecting 62% dark chocolate ganache centre and white chocolate cloak.

Remember to cleanse the palate after each one to be fully appreciate the complex flavours and stunning textures. Better make it big glass of water with this collection!

zChocolat is an expression of desire

Chocolate is always a reliable go to for Valentine’s Day but zChocolat’s Sapphire Gift Box takes that experience to a much higher and more intense level. From the exquisite packaging to the luxurious chocolates that wait inside, zChocolat delivers the ultimate Valentine’s Day edibles for the one that holds the key to your heart.

Available directly from zChocolat.

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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