Fun and funky AiroX autonomous concept might indicate a return to luxury cars for SAAB

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SAAB has been out of the luxury car market for quite some time and many gear heads would point the blame squarely at GM when the automotive giant took over the Swedish car maker in 2000.

Once known for quirky, fun and fast models that delivered the latest safety technology and high compression turbo engines, GM’s sterile influence made its way into the design of SAABs and consumers punished the brand buy switching to Volvos. Everyone knows a true SAAB has its ignition cylinder in the center console!

SAAB’s roots lie in the aerospace and defense industries and the company continues to develop cutting edge transportation technologies for its aircraft and truck divisions.

In what may be a return to the luxury car business, industrial designer and frequent SAAB collaborator, Eduardo Gray has unveiled the AiroX Concept which carries some very familiar SAAB traits.

The AiroX is described as a fully aware and autonomous vehicle that has SAAB’s latest artificial intelligence technology. These computing advances give the AiroX a ‘fun loving personality’ and the ability to fully interact with its owner.

Exact specifications are yet to be released but the AiroX is expected to be a fully electric high performance machine with fast 0-60mph times. The design employs SAAB’s fighter jet technology with computer controlled flaps and intakes that automatically micro-adjust for optimal aerodynamics, down-force and handling.

Don’t expect to stick your key in the centre console like 9’s in the past but other SAAB quirks exist like a front end screen that drivers can program with their own unique message. SAAB owners have no problem showing off their unique personalities.

Watch the AiroX in action with this newly released video from Gray Design:

By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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