Germany’s Bär Footwear Launches Its Joe Nimble Brand in the U.S.

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Adored for more than 35 years throughout Germany, Paris, London, and Japan for its fashion-forward, high quality and innovative minimalist design, renowned German footwear brand Joe Nimble just announced its U.S. website launch. Designed by the award winning Bär family, Joe Nimble combines trailblazing toe-freedom engineering with zero heels and flexible high-tech soles, resulting in a unique and authentic natural walking sensation. The brand is a new athleisure footwear option for stylish, health conscious, American shoe connoisseurs who like to blaze their own trail.

The Joe Nimble brand is renowned for its unique design features, from the shape and lightweight feel to its high-end, handmade craftsmanship. This “toe freedom” engineering begins with a wider toe box and zero heel, which allow the toes to spread and the foot to relax. Joe Nimble shoes put your feet into a more natural position, ensuring your whole body and life are in balance.

Joe Nimble utilizes only the finest materials, stitching, and lacing system. The brand employs the use of luxurious full-grain leather, featherlight flexible rubber, and breathable vegan microfiber to ensure the shoes are long-lasting, expertly made and a true pleasure on your feet.

Joe Nimble shoes are NOW available for purchase in the United States through the US website.

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