Give in to the Alternative ‘White’ Shirt with Thomas Pink

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Gone are the days when anything more ‘adventurous’ than a white shirt was considered socially unacceptable in a working environment. Today, the white shirt has taken a step back while blue and pink shirts have become a sartorial statement in the workplace, claiming their status as the alternative ‘white’ shirt.

Wearing just one thing every day of the week may sound like a very appealing requisite to some men but for those who seek a little more pizzazz out of their daily wear, sometimes a plain white shirt just won’t cut it.

Dedicated to helping gents in making the ‘clever choice of shirt’, Thomas Pink prides itself on offering every shirt. With shirting patterns drawn from their Jermyn Street heritage, the brand offers a wide range – from the more modest to the more eccentric fashion shirts, you’re spoilt for choice with a selection of fits, styles, colours and prints. Below are a just a few tips on how to perfect the spring work look with a pink or blue shirt.

  1. Pair a pink/blue shirt with a grey suit for the ultimate spring look

Although a black suit will always be the king of classics, a grey suit works wonders by revitalising your work wardrobe and making you look spring/summer ready. Not to mention that pink and pale blue tones go best with grey or navy.

  1. Don’t’ be afraid to let your shirt clash with a different colour/printed tie

Not only is it a big trend for the season but colour clashing your shirt with your accessories is an easy way to add some colour and personality to your look. Depending on your style, taste and nerve, you can play around with the endless options of shirts and accessories. For example, pink compliments colours such as burgundy, grey and navy, while blue goes hand in hand with brighter colours such as red, orange and pink.

  1. Make sure you get the right colour tone and fit

Finding the right fit is arguably the most essential factor when buying a shirt – a well-fitted shirt will look great, regardless of colour. Thomas Pink offers a selection of different fits including slim, classic and athletic. When picking colour tone, keep in mind that lighter tones such as pastel pink or light blue are likely to be more complementary to fair skin, while darker tones such as navy are likely to be more complementary to darker skin.

If a white shirt is synonymous with classic simplicity, then sporting a blue striped shirt or pink check shirt will effortlessly convey traits like ‘confident’ and ‘adventurous’ before you even speak a word.

Thomas Pink is all about being able to make a statement when doing business, with your shirt alone. From the ‘Bulldog’ to the ‘Sterling’, head over to to pick your next alternative ‘white’ shirt – it is guaranteed to set you apart.

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